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Real World‘s Ryan + Preston Take Their Feud to the Voodoo Level

Ryan managed to get through the entire fifth episode of The Real World: New Orleans without calling Preston a “faggot” once. So clearly these two are BFFs now, yes?

So long as your definition of “BFF” means “wishing voodoo spells upon each other.”

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  • Black Pegasus

    Both of these douchebags grinds my fucking gears..



    Preston needs to fcuk the bejezus out of SoNotGay Ryan and get it ova with once and for all………….

  • Jon B

    Honestly, Ryan is the worst obviously, but I can’t stand either of them. And Preston needs to return that sweater to Bill Cosby. It’s not okay. Not Okay.

  • rf

    I;m sorry…which one is the gay one?

  • Samwise

    Well, this is better than peeing on each other’s toothbrushes or rubbing each other’s cigarettes on their butts. Voodoo hurts no one and just lets you work off some steam. So that’s… an improvement? I think?

  • L.

    Those two keep that up and I’ll soon be clamoring for more Davey Wavey.

  • jamison

    i watch the show and i actually do like Preston a lot. Can’t wait for all the conflict in the next episode!



  • walkamah

    why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that ryan rubbed prestons cigs up his ass crack? and then a few episodes later (the one i’m watching now, episode 6)ryan cuts up prestons favorite beanie and after preston finally apoligizes for the toothbrush, ryan throws his debit card out the window. and ryan flips out the whole episode and calls the cops? the guy is the biggest douche bag/toolbox i’ve ever seen. who cares if he’s gay or not (which he clearly is) he’s just a hypocritical, crazy, jackass!

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