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Reality Contestant Kills Himself After Taping Cheat On Me If You Can

Producers of the French reality program Trompe-moi Si Tu Peux (translated as Cheat On Me If You Can) canceled the show after one of the gay contestants killed himself.

Filmed in April in the Dominican Republic, Trompe-Moi featured 10 couples — include one gay male and one lesbian pairing — where contestants tried to hide who their real partner was from the other couples for a chance to win about USD$50,000. Each episode began with contestants being paired with a new partner; if the true couples were discovered by competitors, that couple was eliminated.

All of which French viewers would’ve seen on television beginning last Thursday had Jean-Pierre, 32, not hung himself in his apartment before the big debut.

The French entertainment magazine Entrevue reports Jean-Pierre changed his voicemail’s outgoing message blaming his partner Hakim, whom JP appeared on the show with, for his death. “Hello, Jean-Pierre is no longer part of this world. Whose fault that is? It’s Hakim’s. Well, I wish a happy and long life to all. Goodbye.” The magazine posted the audio on its website. Ugh.

The big question remains: Did something that happened during the show lead to his suicide, or are they unrelated? It’s likely we’ll never know, since Trompe-Moi won’t be airing … ever.