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Reality star addresses gay rumors head on

A reality show contestant has stated that internet rumors about his sexuality are “getting out of hand.”

Josh Mair, 21, is a fitness model and bodybuilder who was recently “dumped” from the reality show Love Island.

Apparently, lots of people think he’s gay, and he took to Instagram to set the record straight.

Naturally, he paired the message with a very sexy photo featuring him in short-shorts that are pulled up to create even shorter-shorts.

“Right I feel like this topic needs clearing up as it’s getting a bit out of hand now…” he began.

“For everyone wondering no I am not gay or bi sexual, I never have and never will be.”

He continued: “I have nothing against gay or bi people either before anyone throws that card at me, people can see and date whoever they like.

“What I will say though is don’t believe everything you read.”

Case closed?

Lil Napa TB????

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TB to the skinnier days in Napa??

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