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Did reality star Sean Pratt leak his own ultra-revealing snaps?

Last year, Ex on the Beach star Sean Pratt went public with his criticism of Instagram for deleting a photo of his that left little to the imagination.

He clearly isn’t shy about what God gave him.

What little imagination that photo did require has now been rendered entirely unnecessary. A batch of snaps have been circulating online that find Pratt posing for himself, and whomever he sent them to, in his rather handsome birthday suit.

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But did Pratt leak these photos himself with the intention of raising his exposure online?

Judging by the “Sean9Pratt” copyright watermarks on some of the images, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if the answer is yes.

And hey, it worked.

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It’s suspected some — not all — of the “leaks” over the last few years could be traced back to the subjects themselves.

We just want to hear how publicists are pitching their clients on this road to visibility.

You can find this particular batch of photos here, but best wait until Sheryl from HR leaves the room.