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Reality star shares hate mail he received after coming out as gay


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Celebrity baker Rav Bansal is a former contestant from The Great British Bake Off. He’s also gay. And Sikh.

This week, he shared a letter he received from someone claiming to be a “huge fan” but who was “deeply offended” to learn he was gay when he appeared on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live to talk about coming out to his South Asian parents.

“I recently saw a clip of you on the BBC where you opened [up] about being gay and Sikh, and I couldn’t have been more disappointed,” the letter states.

“I feel as though you are promoting a false image of being a person who can follow the religion, yet you promote a perverse lifestyle as if it is something you should be proud of. This is something you should have kept to yourself.”

The letter goes on to scold 31-year-old Bansal for engaging in “lustful behavior” which the author says will result in him “no longer be supporting you if you continue to go down this path.”

“I have two young children and I don’t want them being exposed to this kind of inappropriate material,” the letter continues. “You are a public person and have a responsibility to behave in a way that won’t cause offense to people who may have looked up to you.”

The author concludes by writing, “I hope that one day you will get some clarity on this issue.”

After sharing the letter with his 21K Twitter followers, Bansal was met with an outpouring of support from friends and fans, including some of his fellow Great British Bake Off co-stars.

He responded to the letter directly by writing: “To whoever wrote this, I hope one-day YOU will find clarity, for your children’s sake. Your word will only make me louder and stronger.”

He followed that up with another tweet this morning, letting everyone know he hasn’t let the hateful letter get the best of him, writing: “Hey beautiful people. Just to let you know, I am absolutely fine. All of the love and positivity that has come my way over the last day has been immense. Thank you all so much. Hate will never win!”

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