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Reality TV star, former Mr International USA, David Barta comes out

David Barta
David Barta (Photo: MTV)

David Barta, who previously appeared on the reality TV show Paradise Hotel and is now on the fifth season of MTV’s Ex On The Beach, has revealed he is pansexual.

On Paradise Hotel (2019), Barta presented as straight and dated Kendall Galan. That same year, he also represented the USA at the Mr International beauty pageant. Earlier this year he appeared on the streaming docuseries, Men of West Hollywood.

Barta talked about his sexuality on the season premiere of Ex On The Beach last Thursday. He has also posted about it on his social media.

“I think I’m here definitely to get to know myself better and accept myself more,” Barta said during the episode.

“A big thing that has been going on for me, behind closed doors, in the past year and a half or so, has been my sexuality.”

He said he was still figuring out where he lies on the spectrum of sexuality.

“Talking to guys is still pretty new for me. I’ve been interested in men for years now, I just haven’t been honest with myself.”

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On his Instagram, which is currently set to private, Barta posted a lengthy statement stating he was attracted to different genders.

“Pansexual: relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation. Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary, this is part of what and who I am. My sexuality does not define me but it is definitely part of who I am. Over the last two years, I’ve come to the realization that I am not a straight man.”

“Call it Pansexual, call it Bisexual, call it Sexually Fluid (my preference), or all of the above. It’s me. Above all these titles, I’m just David. I’m still the same exact person, just a little more honest and open to what life has in store for me.”

He also told his Instagram followers that coming out to his religious family had been hard. Barta’s father was a minister for more than two decades.

“You could all imagine what a shock it was coming out to my family in September of 2021,” he said. “I had never shared my feelings about my sexuality with until then. Between my family and I, the following 3 months were some of the hardest we had ever gone through.

“As time has passed, my religious family has come to understand me further and more intimately as we love each other more than ever.”

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After last Thursday’s episode of Ex On The Beach aired, he also posted to Twitter to say coming out had been, “the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I feel happier and more free than ever.”

Barta also said he might have talked about it sooner but had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the makers of Ex On The Beach ahead of the first episode airing.

In the show, another contestant, Mike Mulderrig, says he’d had a rather flirtatious relationship with Barta via DM over the years but didn’t think it would go anywhere as he thought Barta was straight. However, by the end of the episode, they had shared a kiss.

Barta told Pop Culture why he felt it important to be honest on Ex On The Beach.

“I just wanted to give the message that this is who I am, this is part of who I am. It doesn’t make up everything that I am. But, I just want to let other people know out there that there are people just like you, and there are people just like me, and that just because you look a certain way … I’m six foot five, I played collegiate baseball almost professionally, and I sexually identify the way that I do.”

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The second episode of Ex On The Beach airs at 8pm ET on Thursday on MTV.


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