Some Reasons for Hope Over The Next Four Years


Well then, how about that election exactly one week ago? And more importantly, how about the next four years — how are we supposed to get through them?

It might still be a bit hard to go about your daily routine, hard to have a conversation about much of anything without your emotions completely overwhelming you. And you know what — that’s just fine. It’s normal. Reasonable, even.

But there are also some reasons for hope. As bad as things are about to be, they’ve been far worse in the past, and we’ve learned a thing or two about making it through those times.

There was a time not long ago when homosexuality was criminalized — we fought and struggled and together we got that overturned.

There was a time when we couldn’t get married. Together, we fixed that, too.

We endured what will probably be the worst epidemic of our lifetime, exacerbated by Republican administration that wasn’t simply uncaring — it was gleeful. Millions of people did not survive, but the ones that did honored their lives by mobilizing, fighting, and never giving up. Today, the plague that the GOP once hoped would wipe us out is nearly defeated.

How’d we do all that? Together. Like Hillary said, we’re stronger together — queer people can stand together to lift each other up, and today we have more allies than at any time in American history.

Yup, the next four years are going to suck. But they’ve sucked before, and we’ve triumphed. And we’re going to triumph again.