Reasons To Sign A Prenup: Dr. Lara Embry Seeks $94K/Month In Divorce From Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch, Lara EmbryLooks like Jane Lynch’s marriage is becoming less Ellen Degeneres and more Cheyenne Jackson.

According to TMZ, divorce proceedings between Lynch and estranged wife Dr. Lara Embry have taken a turn into “unfriendly” territory now that Embry is seeking roughly $94,000 a month in spousal support.

Legal documents filed by Embry claim that her ex-wife’s “income, investments and assets increased dramatically with her newfound acting success,” and the multi-million dollar home she was previously awarded just won’t cut it anymore.

But what does Dr. Lara Embry need that much money for, you ask? Well, she spends nearly $6,500/month on clothes, $12,000/month on entertainment/vacations, and $4,500/month on “eating out.” During their time together, she claims Lynch paid for everything, a lifestyle she is now “accustomed” to.

Sources also tell TMZ that the couple did not have a prenup. Whoops!