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  • mark

    Wouldn’t want to tarnish the fine reputation of a hook up site, with any contact with repig WHORES.
    Larry Craig just doesn’t generate many hits.

  • abracadaver

    This is exactly why I have stopped frequenting all gay bars in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

    Not only do they take our gay dollars and turn around and give them to conservative candidates, they charge us THE MOST PREMIUM price the market will allow to do so.

    They also are the first ones to very vocally (and often abusively) assert such “liberal” positions such as sponsoring bathhouses and not distributing condoms in the bars has absolutely no impact on the rise of HIV in young gay men. In their effort to appear “sexually liberated,” they conceal the fact that their real motivation is MONEY and the lining of not only their own pockets but those politicos who will keep business-as-usual flowing into their personal coffers. And they care NOT ONE WHIT the cost in lives to our community.


  • K-Dogg

    Consider them Boycotted

  • anokie

    I second that.

  • Paul Raposo

    Makes me wish I had a Manhunt account just so I could cancel it. However, I have informed friends who have an account and some have cancelled their accounts–at least until the election is over.

  • Gregoire

    Thanks! Cancelling mine today.

  • The Milkman

    Subscription cancelled.

  • Michael

    I don’t have a manhunt profile, but consider myself signed up!!

  • Tom in Houston

    I’ve put a nice Support the Gay community up on my manhunt profile attacking those that financially support those that oppose LGBT equality for selfish reasons. I’ll pull my subscription in a few days (or if they don’t approve my changes.

  • pickles

    I’m still surprised this story gets such a t-i-n-y headline with a totally un-sexy McCain as the image selected.

    Anyway.. this is bull. These dopes think somehow that the dude that OWNS the company is somehow not involved in Team MANHUNT. Huh?

    I know a lot of big-cheese CEOs and let me tell you.. they’re involved in their companies. Let’s get involved in HIS company.. pocketbook and spread the word. QUIT all memberships to Manhunt. Also, it will save you $15-30 a month. (Ya might consider donating that to Obama -not that he’s totally perfect.. but he’s WAY better than McCain)

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    HOW TO CANCEL YOUR MANHUNT ACCOUNT: First, change your profile’s pic to the ugliest pic you can muster (McAngry seems appropriate) click on Customer Service and Enter the Words “Cancel My Account” and then click “OK” and you should receive immediate confirmation. E-mail and post these instructions to as many friends as you can.

    I am enraged that a site owner who dates African-American men would choose an anti-gay candidate over Barack Obama. What a Plantation Gay! Boycott Manhuntdotnet as they sell your e-mail address for porn SPAM anyway and no doubt the GOP/LCR’s last ditch effort to peel off Gays in the waning days of their sad, old losing campaign.

  • liberal

    because we’re worth more ;-)

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