Here’s The Perfect Rebuttal To The Antigay, Anti-Frozen Mormon Lady

dixie lynn cartwright frozenRemember a week or so ago, when a Mormon blogger complained that Frozen has a hidden gay message? Well, now another parent, a gay dad, has written a rebuttal, and it is marvelous.

Robw77’s point is simple: yes, the movie does contain a lesson. The lesson is about tolerance and understanding. And while that’s certainly something beneficial for kids to see, the person who really needs to absorb it is bigoted adults like her.

OH, BURN! Your face just called, Mormon lady, soccer practice is over and you need to pick it up.

We just can’t get over the fact that a person saw the movie (three times!), and somehow came to the conclusion that the villains were right. Like, what would she have rather happened in the film — that Elsa goes to conversion therapy and loses her powers and everything is totally normal and boring? That sounds like a really fun movie!

Here’s what the gay dad has to say:

The thing that is in the plot of the movie is a thing called “hope.”  It is the hope that people would be accepted for who they are.  It is the hope that people who are different will no longer be treated as “bad,” and as something to hide. It is the hope that the bullied will no longer be bullied, and the wonderfully human will be allowed to be proud. That is the “gay” that is in Frozen.

That sounds about right to us. Now here is a delightful rendition of “Let it Go” featuring scarves, courtesy of the Fans of Ryan LaConnor’s Musical Mondays at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood.