Recently Bashed By Trucker, Brad Walsh Takes On Yuengling

Oh no! We got some very distressing news from photographer and friend of Queerty Brad Walsh.

The Brooklyn-based homo went on an adventure in SoHo last week when an irate trucker decided to lay the anti-gay smack down. Walsh, who dates Project Runway‘s Christian Siriano, summarizes:

I was crossing Spring Street completely legally at the intersection of 6th Avenue. A delivery truck driven by a guy on a cell phone was turning and almost hit me and another guy. Me and the other guy put our hands up like “what are you doing,” but we didn’t say or mouth anything to the driver. The driver (jacked) got out, followed me down the street (not the other guy), called me a “faggot” several times, punched me really hard in the jaw, knocked my stuff onto the sidewalk, and went back to his truck.

Down but definitely not out, Walsh wrote down the truck’s info and advertised company: Yuengling, the popular beer company based out of Philadelphia.

Hoping to set things right, Walsh called the company’s HQ, but got little in return. After telling Walsh she would pray for him, a representative proceeded to explain that they don’t have drivers in Manhattan. Hoping to get in contact with the distributor, Walsh asked the woman, based in the human resources department, for a little help. He got none:

Five days passed with no response, and this morning I e-mailed Ms. Zukas again to ask simply “Any chance you can provide me with the distribution/trucking company’s information so that I can contact them?” She responded quickly with “After investigating the matter we are not able to provide any further information.”

It appears that her prayers are the only help I’m going to get from Yuengling. I just replied to her: “This is incredibly disappointing. All I want to do is contact his employer to tell them exactly what happened, in hopes that he will receive appropriate disciplinary action. In keeping this information from me, you are directly aiding a violent bigot and condoning the fact that he got out of a truck with your logo on the side specifically to beat me in front of a crowd of people. I will not extend the courtesy of keeping the Yuengling name out of my public statements from this point further.”

Something tells us the reach of Walsh’s network will jump start the investigation.

Update: We were right. The trucker’s been terminated.