Martin Ssempa

‘Recently the Uganda parliament watched a power point on the what female genital mutilation is. Showing adult Ugandans what homosexuals do was in no way different’

SOUNDBITES — “Inspite of its very ghastly nature, recently the Uganda parliament watched a power point on the what female genital mutilation is, and how it affects womens reproductive parts. Equipping them with this information helped the legislators in quickly making a law to ban FGM inspite of many people in Sebei and Kapchorwa who considered it their human right. Showing adult Ugandans what homosexuals do was in no way different, for it is important that all legislation and debate be rooted in facts.” —Pastor Martin Ssempa, defending his use of graphic gay sex scenes (if you can call it that; some of them featured scat) in front of a church audience (via)

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  • demonW

    Well, of course it’s different. the closest equivalent of FGM would probably be a botched circumcision! And where’s the powerpoint showing the ‘ghastly nature’ of gay bashing?

    ‘Rooted in facts’ indeed!

  • Jeff K.

    Genital mutilation (both female AND male) is not a human right because it violates a person’s (usually a baby or child’s) bodily integrity. If an adult wishes to have bits excised from his or her genitals, they have every right to have it done because they are able to consent to it. Though I must say I’d question their sanity.

  • Jaroslaw

    #2 to echo & shorten Jeff K – yes it is different because FGM it done without the person’s consent. No pun intended!

  • terrwill

    > Pathetic, the madness this vile, disgusting, subhuman scumbag spews from his foul mouth……He is a self hating closeted fag who finally can view the porn he so desparatley wants to emulate without worrying about being discovered…………

  • Xtian99

    cool- then let’s only show pictures of africans with bones in their noses hacking each other up with machetes, and only show pictures of african americans holding Colt 45’s smoking crack and gang banging ghetto-style… oh wait, that would be using images of a discreet minority to play on peoples fears and infammatorily tar entire group of people based on the actions of a few.

    Pastor Martin Ssempa is another deluded “can’t-think-for-myself-so-I-need-2000-year-old-magic-books” supposed Christian who will denigrate and act as he would not want to be denigrated or acted upon himslef. Sadly the people he is playing to are as uneducated and stupid as he is, so they will probably belive it… but these same fools chop up and eat their albino bretheren for their “magic” so it is a lost cause.

  • terrwill

    @Xtian99: Excellent point…..where are the pics of the ugandan children who are being held down and having their hearts ripped out to be eaten????

  • Chitown Kev

    Ah, good old fashioned Queerty racism.

  • terrwill

    @Chitown Kev: Dude, we been down this path before! This scumbag is getting the exact same treatment as any white subhuman scumbag gets, he doesn’t get a pass because he is black, sorry…….

  • killerwhalesKILL!!!

    Hey scatmen, STOP shitting on gay sex and allowing people like Ssempa the ability to -smear- our sexuality with your really rather vile fetish. Even I can’t help but to sneer when I read about it. Don’t make websites. Don’t endorse online period.

    Keep it in the water closet.

  • Cam

    Oh Please, And just where is the pastor getting the gay porn to show? From his collection he hides under the bed?

  • Chitown Kev


    I wasn’t talking to you Terrwill. I was talking about post #5 (which you did agree with).

    There was no reason for trotting out tired racist cliches about black Americans (who have absolutely nothing to do with this scumbag Ssempra specifically, or Uganda at all) or ALL Africans (there are a lot of different ethnicities in Africa but I know what all ya see!)

  • Chitown Kev


    I shouldn’t have to repeat this (and I don’t like repeating ANYTHING) but when you “throw poo” or co-sign the throwing of poo at black Americans, you’re throwing at me too.

    So now Xtian99 is a subhuman scumbag savage and a nasty ass racist as far as I’m concerned.

  • adman

    @ Chitownkev–play your hand, you’re still an apologist for savagery. No one cares for your reaction formation nor that it involves you becoming indidgnant when you don’t agree with something. Go to town, and drown your sorrows, because you are a failure and a deeply contradictory fool.

  • Chitown Kev


    You STOO-PID white gay racists are a trip, you know that?

    I hate the Ssempra animalistic ways but you and those of your ilk are equally animalistic because given the right set of circumstances, nasty ass bigots like you would lynch me.

  • Chitown Kev

    But then you people want…no, you DEMAND that black Americans help you with the battke for civil rights.

    Given this type of racism on gay blogs. why should I help you racists with anything? (and you don’t have to coddle me…and keep in mind, that I’ve done plenty to help).

  • Chitown Kev

    Better yet, I need to give queerty a rest.

  • plasticoduress


    Civil rights for everyone, so that we can live freely to say whatever the fuck we want? ok. Your insistent want to separate dark from light skin people is weiRd.

  • Chitown Kev


    Where did I suggest that?

    Ignorant folks again. Teabaggers, I suppose.

  • Chitown Kev


    Remember, you are notr free from the consequences of your speech, however.

  • plasticoduress

    suggest? “you” demand “black” americans …

    i hate tea you asshole.

  • Chitown Kev


    So leave you free to be racist?

    Then why shouldn’t I leave black Americans free to be as homophobic as they want to be (or already are, by white gay folks reckonin’)?

    that way, we are ALL equal.

  • adman

    @chitownkev You play Black white race vs. gay in such a predictably stupid way, calling people racist like you’re a five year old. If you know a racist, make up your mind to change his mind, or are you just another cowardly “revolutionary” black faggot, erm, SGL brother with nothing to offer except a mouthful of bitterness? You don’t know what MY race is btw son, and I say son because you sound very small in years and lacking in insight. What a joke threads like this are when you show up. Just say it, If minorities “other than gays” do it it’s cool. Whatever “it” is.

  • adman

    @ #14 Chitown Kev. Givwen the right set of circimstances, you’d out me to a mob and label me a racist as you have, without a single shred of decency or sense of self reflection. You’d be there, all up in the beauty parlor…talking about someone who made you pout. Get lost from Queerty, this could be a better place without you.

  • Tackle

    @Chitown Kev: I know where you’re comming from. When I read
    #5 XTIAN99, I did not to see a need to use thoes cliches about “other” Africans or Black Americans either. XTIAN99 did get “support” from other Queerty posters and you were the only one who called him/her on this. Imigan a story about a white pastor in Europe, and someone used this story to unleash their inner racism by stating, lets show pictures of White people kidnapping young girls holding them for years, and fathering children with them.
    Downloading child porn, and committing a child molestation at a higher rate than any other group. Shooting up schools and the work place. And having a great time with cocaine and crystal meth.
    This would be IRRELEVENT to the story at hand.

  • Chitown Kev


    you thought you would be rid of me that easily?

    Thing is I catch on this very blog (and others) from those black gays that call themselves wanting to call me out for being an Uncle Tom faggot too because I call them out when they want to be protective of black homobigots.

    Then I get called out by you racist faggots as well.

    And black buy-bull toting homobigots as well.

    So I piss everybody off. Which means I must be doing something right.

  • David


    It’s scary seeing you hold such resentment toward such a tiny group of people who haven’t specifically caused you any harm. My problem isn’t that you find the fetish disgusting; it’s that you seem motivated to denounced it based on its exploitation by bigots. Do you feel this way about every sub-group of gays highlighted by bigots for ridicule? Plenty of conservatives have gone on record with their disgust at *any* form of oral or anal sex between men.

    And, sure, scat sex is disgusting, but:

    (1) Bareback sex, drug abuse, fisting, and extreme S&M play are more dangerous in terms of causing permanent harm, death, or terminal illness through their rampant transmission of HIV, hepatitis, and other blood-bourne illnesses (as well as other effects). Intentionally playing with shit exposes people to the same stuff as unintentional exposure through poor hygeine and sanitation. This rises, at most, to a minor public health issue considering the number of people we’re talking about. Safe sex? No, but certainly not the worst.

    (2) There are straight scat videos/sites/etc. too. Regardless of relative predominance in either cohort (straight vs. gay), the material exists. Presentations of such materials aren’t meant to fairly represent the target group; they’re meant to villify it. We could never get the materials down to such a small number that our opponents wouldn’t be able to find an example to use and say, “Look, this is how disgusting homosexuals are!” Even if such material didn’t exist at all, ever, devoted bigots could claim it did.

    (3) It’s consensual, and that seems to be the enlightened standard for every other kind of sex, regardless of public acceptance.

    If your outrage is over objective concerns, your anger is misplaced — or at least too narrowly placed — for the reasons above.

    If your outrage is based on their nauseated reaction (or yours), I’m afraid your anger is still misplaced because the “disgust” response is widespread for many expressions of homosexuality, even public displays of affection like kissing.

    Lack of public disgust is a terribly dangerous standard for what we allow in society. I’m not arguing that people will eventually find the aforementioned fetish not disgusting, just that public disgust is a crappy standard (pun intended).

    We can’t win on the “just stop doing things that disgust the straights” front because, even if it were possible and good, groups don’t get acceptable by establishing an image of universal wholesomeness. They get acceptance when people stop treating them as a monolithic “other” that is tainted by any negative element within.

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