Red Hot Swirl: Five Notable Interracial Gay Couples That Get Us Hot And Bothered

There have been a lot of hot new high-profile gay couples burning up the internet as of late, and most of them have been of the swirly variety that we’re (still) not so used to seeing represented in the LGBT community. In celebration of love that comes in all flavors and varieties, here are five interracial gay couples that definitely turn up the chocolate/vanilla/caramel-flavored heat.



        Scott Blokker and Shaun T.

Fitness guru, Insanity creator and our own personal fitness spirit animal Shaun T. came out as gay and married a few years back when he introduced husband Scott Blokker to the world via a congratulatory retweet. At that point, the world had been quite well acquainted with Shaun T.’s insanely hot body, and the twosome decided to let everyone know that this particular six-pack comes with a matching set by releasing the photo above.

While we will continue to lament the fact that the guys with the best bodies hide them in those long board shorts, we will share this little gem from Shaun T’s instagram that shows you exactly what happens when he orders a swimsuit by mail that ends up being just a tad too small. Ordering a size smaller online? Yes, please.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.01.46 AM

 Rubem Robierb and Sam Champion 

The internet’s DILF-alert level went bright orange when photos of Sam Champion, former Good Morning America weatherman (and current co-anchor of America’s Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel ) and husband Rubem Robierb frolicking on a Brazil beach in the skimpiest of swimwear hit the net.

And, seriously, who could blame anyone for finding this seasoned cafe con leche couple as blazing hot as the sun that’s giving them both a good toast in that photo? There is something that is always very sexy about a man of a certain age who manages to keep it together (honestly probably a lot better than some of us young bucks 20 years his junior), and Robierb is no slouch in that department as well.


Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano   

Now we’re not one to make assumptions, but it would seem to us that future St. Louis Rams star Michael Sam has found a pretty good tight end in boyfriend Vito Cammisano. See what we did there? Yeah, we’re ashamed of ourselves too. Anyway, there’s something for everyone in this pairing, and we can’t help but to get more than a little turned on imagining these two in pretty much every position imaginable.

Yes, of course their tearful embrace and loving kisses after Sam was drafted were a wonderful and positive display of same-sex emotion and yadda yadda yadda, but this is about couples that get us hot and bothered, people. Besides, now that we know so much about  Vito, we have an excuse for our thoughts to be…less than pure.

  Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.05.28 AM

 Nick Villa and Darren Young

Trailblazing superstar wrestler Darren Young is not only the first out wrestler in the WWE, but is definitely one of the most low-key coming out stories we’ve ever seen. After coming out to a TMZ cameraman at an airport baggage claim, he was promptly the subject of a People magazine spread featuring his Miami home with boyfriend of two years, Nick Villa.

We recently ran into them at the GLAAD Media Awards and we’ll just say that both seemed very much in love with Darren Young, but honestly we can’t blame either one. It is rare to find a high-profile gay couple in an interracial relationship that features two men of color, and is always interesting to see one with two people who are totally sexy in completely different ways. We’re guessing that Plantanos and Collard Greens are on the menu in this house, and it’s a recipe we’d definitely like to see more of.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.08.37 AM

 Gerald McCullouch and Derrick Gordon

The world had just been introduced to UMass NCAA basketball player Derrick Gordon when he came out a few weeks prior, but he really secured his place in Gay Gossipland when he brought 47-year-old Bear City actor Gerald McCullouch as his date to the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards. We knew tongues would wag when these two made their red carpet debut as a couple, and in the weeks since our Facebook and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with commentary on the twosome.

No matter what you think of the age disparity, both men are very fine examples of their particular “types.” Gordon is tall, handsome, and super-ripped. As for McCullogh? Well, we’re pretty sure the next edition of the Gay Dictionary will have his photo right next to “Daddy,” which is coincidentally the name of his next flick.

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  • Billy Budd

    Inter-*racial couples are THE FUTURE.

  • Qjersey

    Hot, but to pick a bone. Latino is not a race.

    I guess this writer didn’t fill out a census form in 2010.

    Are you Latin or Hispanic? Yes or No.

    Now indicate race….

  • Tackle

    Me personally, I don’t really like the term swirl nor do I use it. I find ot demeaning and childish. That’s being said, some of these couples do not qualify as a true ( as the headline says) swirl. I thought the term implied Black/ White: Chocolate/ Vanilla, Shaun T and his partner, yes. Sam Champion and his partner, no.
    Michael Sam, yes. Darren Young & Nick Villa, definitely not a
    so-called ( swirl) couple. Nick Villa looks like a Black Hispanic.
    Derrick and Gerald, yes.

  • Tony Johnston

    Underrated? Are we high??? Black guys with anything but black guys is ALL we’ve seen so far. And before the sensitive queens start in with all the unnecessary ad hominem that seems to come along with pointing out uncomfortable truths, I’m not trying to slam the concept of IR. And this may not be much of an issue for the white gay community (who sees plenty of happy white couples that don’t have to include a minority to be recognized), but a lot of gay black people just aren’t feeling this sole representation of gay and black.

    Jason Collins
    Kevin Grayson
    Kwame Harris
    Michael Sam
    Don Lemon (who also criticizes the black community every chance he gets)
    Patrik-Ian Polk
    Wilson Cruz
    Wade Davis (who felt the need to include why black men are beneath him in his coming out statement)
    Shaun T
    RuPaul (yes, he counts as a guy for this one)

    Challenge: Name just one high (or medium) profile gay black guy that actually dates or is married to another black guy.

  • Merv

    @Tony Johnston: One of the couples above is black and black. Fine Young Red dates black guys.

  • Black Pegasus

    The sh!t bout to hot the fan up in here..

  • Kangol


    Thank you. Latino is not a race, but an ethnicity. Latinos can be of any race.

    That said, there are many races in the US, so let’s encourage Queerty to show the range (hint: South Asian and East Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native American, Arab American, mixed-race/hapa, etc.)!

    Also, “swirl” is cutesy and offensive. Let’s not forget the vicious [email protected] and white supremacist foundations on which this country is built, and perhaps try to celebrate gay, bi and trans couples and relationships whatever their color.

  • TinoTurner

    Hot is hot. I don’t care if you’re purple, green or orange. I have been on a few dates with black guys but I always get this weird vibe…that I’m fulfilling some sort of “white boy” fetish they have. When I talk to a black guy online, they almost always say “I never date black guys” and I’m sorry…thats weird and sad.

  • Franklin

    I usually hear from most people of color who exclusively dates outside of their race the excuse that “it’s just a preference, and you can’t help what you like”. This almost always elicits side eye from me. Yet, these same guys will turn around and get frustrated when they get turned down by every “All-American” looking guy in the club or on Grindr.

  • TinoTurner

    @Franklin: Exactly. They ALWAYS say that

  • DerekR

    @TinoTurner: Maybe the weird vibe you are getting is that they are sensing you are just a horrible person (as proven here repeatedly)…..mmmmm just a thought.

  • hassia

    What I find amusing is that many commentators here have decided that “blacks” are monolithic. You seem to know what are preference is.Which is interesting. Would love to see your studies. When I lived in NY there were and are still many gay bars clubs catering to men of colour.That however simply does not fit the narrative of many here.

  • hassia

    Furthermore it has been stated here that the black community are not welcoming of gays. Do you not find it strange that the last high profile outings were men of colour!

  • tdx3fan

    I have nothing against an IR if that is what you are into. My problem has always been when people don’t want to enter into such a relationship because they are just not attracted to a certain race they are demonized. I have zero attraction to black men. I do not judge them or lump them together or have anything against them on a personal level. I just don’t find them sexually attractive.

  • Blackceo

    That seems like a loose definition of “inter-racial” on a couple of those. Anyyay….


    Interesting because thats the vibe I have gotten and many of my Black and Latino friends say they have gotten from many white guys in terms of the whole fulfilling one’s fetish (i.e. Mandingo fantasy). I’ve had to really check some white guys who it was clear they saw me as some sort of fetish. B*tch this ain’t Roots. Go away!!

    For me though I am equal opportunity. Cute is cute. I just happen to prefer guys on an aesthetic level who are darker than me. I am a fair skinned Black/Latino guy and I prefer guys who are darker than me. Even the White/European men who I find attractive have dark features. If you are blonde haired, blue eyed I’m not going to give you a second look more than likely, but I wouldn’t say NEVER. If you have dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes that is going to make me take more of a peek. I would never say though that I wouldn’t date an entire race of people. I typically don’t find Asian men sexually attractive at all, but I have been with one intimately and see the attraction in some. There is so much diversity within diversity, particularly with men of color. Black encompasses many things, as does Latino/Hispanic. There’s a difference between preference and “I won’t date any….”

    This topic is definitely a hot one though and I already said in a previous post that because my ethnicity defines me more than my sexual orientation, I prefer to be in a relationship with another Black or Latino guy. I got pretty lucky in terms of finding one who had a similar upbringing and has an advanced education like I do. I think perhaps many of the high profile gay Black men who date White guys may be that way because the pool of medium-high profile Black gay men isn’t that large; at least not ones who are out. I don’t know. Some of it is self-hate while the other is what you grew up around, and some of it is just plain ole preference.

  • odawg

    @tdx3fan: Yawn

  • deltabadhand

    My partner of 18 years is of mixed race (caucasion/african american) . I’m a 4th generation euromutt. The only time I think about being of different racial heritage is when some Nimrod brings it up. We’re in a relationsbip. PERIOD.. I find the entire premise of this article disgusting.

  • TinoTurner

    @DerekR: Naah, I’m pretty awesome. Just because I have a contrary opinion to most people doesn’t make me horrible.

  • bma83

    tdx3fan, IMHO, people who think like you should be demonized. And quite frankly, I pity you and those who have such ridiculous juvenile “tastes”, “attractions” whatever you want to call it. To not be able to see how there are sexy men out here in all races is beyond sad.

  • Tackle

    @tdx3fan: Than god you have zero attraction to Black men. Because we are not missing a thing. But I have to LOL at your post. Because you are a walking contradiction. You say that you don’t ” judge or lump them together” . Considering that Blacks are the most diverse group in terms of appearance, with some having White skin, who can pass for White, to those being Black as night, and every combination in between.
    And since all don’t act or think alike, you are doing just what you say you don’t do. Just shows that [email protected] makes you stupid.

  • Tackle

    @Tony Johnston: If he was in the south in the 40s-50s ,he would be on the BACK of the bus. He sure in hell would have to use the Black warter fountain. You of all people should know that Blacks can and do range in skin tone features, and hair texture. And btw, his hair looks bopped. I can take pictures and look like some other ethnicities.

  • DK

    @Blackceo: “Some of it is self-hate while the other is what you grew up around, and some of it is just plain ole preference.”

    And most of it is two guys fell in love.

    Anyone upset by interracial relationships: too bad, haha.

  • Tony Johnston

    @Tackle: Wow, you guys really want this kid to be black lol. If it was the 40’s to 50’s, Villa most likely wouldn’t even be here since the US prohibited immigration from anywhere outside of Europe up until the 60’s. I’m also well aware of the many differences that can exist between black people. Nick Villa simply isn’t black. He’s not even Afro-Latino. It’s a giant reach. This community has waaaaaaay deeper race issues than I thought. Again, just reread the headline.

  • Tackle

    @Tony Johnston: On the flip side, you seem like you want this kid to be anything other than Black to fit your narrative. Some people just hate to be wrong. And in the 40s & 50s,
    he could have very well been here if he’s of Puerto Rican descent due to the Jones act of 1917. Or if he has a family descent from, Mexico,
    Texas, Louisiana, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Considering that the Spanish left their seed in these places. And this was way before the
    40s & 50s. And the Idea that’s it’s a giant reach for him to be
    Afro-Latino is ridiculous. Nick and Darren are the same complexion. same nose width, and lip size. And if Nick did not have that hair bopped, they would both have the same beautiful kinky hair texture. How in the hell is that a GIANT reach?? He sure isn’t a White Latino. Or an Indian Latino. So what does that leave you? And about rereading the headline: Like Queerty is always 100% correct. Infallible,incontrovertible,efficacious,flawless, foolproof: So just because QUEERTY SAYS they are interracial, then they ARE interracial. And if Queerty has a headline that says the earth is flat then the earth must be flat.And if people don’t agree with you, then that means they have issues? If that’s the case, then I’m happy to have my issues.

  • Mezaien

    @Billy Budd: You are totally right! AND the dark skin men are, so much hotter and sexy then the white one anyway.

  • Blackceo


    What is bopped hair? Never heard that term before.

  • Tackle

    @Blackceo: Bopped hair is a1940s- 50s Black slang term for when Blacks got their hair
    Permed/ straighten.

  • Franklin

    I thought the term was conked hair.

  • Tony Johnston

    @Tackle: Sooooo the site’s wrong, the writer’s wrong, I’m wrong…yet just because you say it means it’s true? K. Sure. Darren Young and Nick Villa are definitely a cute and happy-looking couple, and they’re definitely a different IR couple from what IR mostly looks like in this community, but they’re definitely not a black couple by any stretch of the imagination (not even yours). Just the fact that you have to argue a non-white person is automatically black to create a gay black celebrity couple just proves how mindf*cked so many gay black men are when it comes to race, so thanks for helping to prove my original point. ;-)

  • Blackceo

    @Tony Johnston:

    Well given how exclusionary the white gay community has historically been that shouldn’t be much of a surprise that many black gay men feel that way. One led to another. Lets not act like the mindf*cked nature doesn’t go both ways.

  • Tony Johnston

    @Blackceo: Blaming issues on everyone else is the best way to make sure they never get resolved. If what you’re saying is true, things only change for black men when white men decide to change? Sorry, I refuse to think we’re that pathetic.

  • Tackle

    @Franklin: Both. Actually “conked” was a more popular term. Bopped, less so.
    @Tony Johnston: And you just proved my point.

  • Tony Johnston

    @Tackle: You never had one.

  • solacesoul

    Darren Young and Nick Villa are not an interracial relationship. Nick Villa is a Latino of some African descent, like many Latinos from The Caribbean, Central America and South America, particularly those countries and territories that were once colonized by Europeans and actively participated in the African slave trade and market.

    He is considered an Afro-Latino, whether that’s how he self-identifies or not. Latino is not a race, but an ethnicity. They are in an interethnic relationship.

  • Blackceo

    @Tony Johnston:

    I’m not blaming anyone. But A led to B. That is just a plain old fact and one of the reasons Blacks and Latinos feel the need to even have separate pride celebrations. Now what we do about it moving forward I agree is something that has to be a collaboration.

  • Tackle

    @solacesoul: Absolutely! And when one knows the history of thoes countries in Latin America, and the Caribbean, it’s understandable why Nick Villa and Wilson Cruz, look the way they look. Ironiclly, I find it strange that someone would reject Nick Villa being Black/Afro-Latino, and yet accept Wilson Cruz as such.

  • solacesoul

    @Tackle: those people who do that are just willfully ignorant of history and how the worldwide sprawl of the African diaspora (particularly in the Western Hemisphere) occurred because of the African slave trade — that they now want to say doesn’t matter because everyone is over it. They are willfully ignorant because they can be due to white privilege — after all, to paraphrase Barbara Bush, why worry my beautiful white privileged mind with the thought of how all these beautiful Latinos and Blacks were made, when I don’t have to?

    There is so much freakin’ gay white privilege in the mainstream white gay community that needs to be challenged and addressed. We can start with all the persistent images of who we are told is “hot” and what makes a “hot couple” and go from there. Mainstream white gay media are not interested in the least in promoting Black, brown, red and yellow faces that aren’t primarily interested in the white aesthetic. There are a number of Black-Black, Black-Brown, Brown-Brown couples but they get little to no fanfare or attention from mainstream gay outlets because they do not support the agenda that white men and women are the most desirable as a partner.

  • Tony Johnston

    @Blackceo: Black and Latino celebrations would still be necessary even if this community wasn’t saturated in superiority/inferiority issues. Sexuality aside, they offer totally different cultural experiences. I agree with you on the rest though. I think part of the reason why the gay community stays so monotonous is because people don’t even want to acknowledge certain issues exist, especially if it may mean reevaluating their own mindsets. The whole “Darren Young and Nick Villa are black couple” argument is a perfect example.

  • Tony Johnston

    For folks who don’t understand the meaning of interethnic as it pertains to couples, it’s a way of describing an interracial couple that consists of two people of color, and the writer actually did include that point.

  • Blackceo


    Co-sign to all of this.

    @Tony Johnston:

    Yes the ethnic specific pride parades would still be needed I agree. I said it was one of the reasons. We just seem to be too much of a segregated community. Preaching diversity and inclusion means nothing if you don’t practice it.

  • DK

    @Tony Johnston: You were too busy being bigoted and race-obsessed to notice the black gay couples that have been trending in the media lately:

    These 14 Popular Black Gay Couples Shut Down All Bitter Black Gay Critics of Interracial Relationships

    It’s so sad that angry, bitter, thirsty black gays will cry and whine when other dudes find happiness, when really the cause for their unhappiness is their loneliness, jealously, and bigotry.

    Black gay men who have their stuff together emotionally will continue to find further self-actualzation in the arms of their equally well-adjusted lovers — black, white, brown, yellow, and mixed. And the minority of bitter black queens who feel the need to snipe at the happiness of others will continue wondering why they’re on track to die alone.

    Maybe there would be more black gay couples in the media if more black gay guys in sports and entertainment would come out. Kerry Rhodes was in a black gay relationship. It’s not the media’s fault, or Michael Sam or Don Lemon’s fault, that the Kerry Rhodes’s of the world can’t be themselves.

    And I’m not unconvinced there’s not a correlation between one’s self-confidence and willingness to come out, and one’s openness to experience and willingness to date outside of one’s race.

  • solacesoul

    @DK: full of contradictions here.

    The website Cypher Avenue you link to prove that the mainstream gay white media supports, reports on and promotes black-black gay relationships? Well, that’s a black-owned and -operated website. Further proving that if gay people of color hope to see images of themselves and their own relationships featured and promoted, then gay people of color have to depend on themselves and their own outlets to do it, because it damn sure is still not happening in the mainstream white gay community.

    Again, it’s interesting that you claim that gay black people create the problems for themselves because they aren’t coming out in sports and entertainment, yet all the ones who have been coming out in American professional sports lately have been black. Where are all these brave white gay men in football, basketball and baseball, if black and brown men are supposed to be so homophobic and scared shitless of the consequences?

    I am trying to understand why you think that someone who points out that a media who seems to promote the notion that that men of color should not be or are not interested in each other and should prefer only the majority or the ruling class as sexual or romantic partners is just “bitter” and “lonely”. That’s a curious knee-jerk response to a very valid, legitimate cultural concern. Sure, individual couples should not be targeted — however, epidemically it is a cause for concern.

    Since so many here like to equate black with gay, let’s use this hypothetical. What if, for the sake of argument, all of the attractive, high-profile gay men that you saw or knew of, whether locally and nationally, came out into relationships with men who only identified themselves as straight? What if they chose only to socialize with straight men? Would critics of this pattern be told to “get over it”, “you are the one with the problem” and “you must be bitter and lonely”? Most likely the Queerty crew would tear these guys new assholes for their unwillingness to identify with what they ar, or their unwillingness to find gay men attractive enough or worthy enough to soclalize with or to date. Yet, people of color do not have the right to be alarmed or at least to take notice when a pattern arises that looks like they may be excluded as desirable partners by people from their own community?

  • EverybodySayLove

    Question. Regarding male porn–to include YouTube/XTube. Why is it that one can readily see black guys who top white guys/everyone else, and one can see white guys who top everyone else, but one VERY RARELY sees a white guy topping a black guy? Even rarer still…a bigger white guy (bear/daddy) topping a smaller submissive black guy. Needle in a haystack for sure!

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