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Reddit remembers the time Fox News mistook lesbian brides for a hetero couple

It’s been years since Fox News swapped out the image accompanying a 2013 op-ed about traditional gender roles, but the Internet will never forget that the conservative outlet originally posted a photo of two lesbians on their wedding day.

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A Reddit user just reminded all of us about the gaffe, adding this post to the r/actuallesbians subreddit on Saturday, March 7.

Yes, the twosome some Fox News drone seemingly thought was a man and a woman was actually Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur, an Alaska couple who became the first same-sex couple to tie the knot atop the Empire State Building when they swapped vows on Valentine’s Day 2012.

In the op-ed, Suzanne Venker — niece of famed anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly — argued that feminism “resulted in mass confusion” and promoted the idea that gender is a social construct.

“Those of us with children know better,” she wrote. “We know little girls love their dolls and boys just want to kick that ball. This doesn’t mean men can’t take care of babies or women can’t play sports. It just means each gender has its own energy that flows in a specific direction. For God’s sake, let it flow.”

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Adding more irony to the Fox News website’s mistake, Venker argued that men and women are not “interchangeable beings.”