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Redditors suggest hilariously wrong answers for what LGBTQIA stands for

LGBTQIA acronym

Most English speakers probably know by now that LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender—if the queer agenda is finally winning, at least! Many realize that “Q” can be added for queer or questioning. And if they’re really in the know, people understand that “I” can be added for intersex and “A” can be added for asexual, aromantic, or agender.’

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But what might a wrong definition of LGBTQIA be? Below are some of the alternative meanings Reddit users proposed in the r/lgbt subreddit, and get ready for ridiculousness…

  • Let’s Get Battered Tempura Quietly in Alleyways
  • Let’s Go Bang Topless Queens in Aprons
  • Lovers Of Geckos, Boas, and Turtles Questioning Interest in Axolotls
  • Lickin’ Good Booty To Queen’s Immortal Anthems
  • Lettuce, Gooseberry, Broccoli, Tomato, Quince, Ilama, Asparagus
  • Let’s Go Back, This Quinceañera Is Awful.
  • Love Getting Bitches Together Quietly in Alleyways
  • Let’s Go Buy Tiny Quiches in Asda

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Oh, and there’s more…

  • Latte Grande, Buttercup Tiramisu, Quattro Iced Almondmilk…
  • Let’s Get Burritos Tonight, Quit Instigating Assplay
  • Let’s Go Back To Queensland (In Australia)
  • Let’s Get Better Trivia Questions Including Apples
  • Let’s Get Breakfast Together in America
  • Liar, Go Be the Queen in Argentina!
  • League Guild Battles To Quietly Imagine Armadillos
  • Large Garbage Bins Take Quantity Into Account