Rednecks Spitting Mad Over Gay Dolls

Dolls from the American Girl company have long been a favorite with gays. Whether playing with the historical figurines of Felicity, Kaya or Jesefina, homos everywhere have found adorable role models in the products of American Girl.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Now, along comes the Mississippi-based American Family Association, doing the equivalent of pulling American Girl’s hair. You see, ladies, American Girl has been selling a promise bracelet; some proceeds of sales plus a $50,000 donation are going to Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is an organization that provides education and services to young ladies, generally from underprivileged backgrounds. That would mean no Oscar de la Renta gowns, no private jets and no big screen plasma televisions in the Malibu mansion. Girls Inc. includes in its materials statements in favor of reproduction rights and sexuality counseling for teenage girls.

That of course puts a hard twisting stick up the American Family Association’s underwear. They want to organize a boycott of American Girl. That’s why Queerty is urging you to shop American Girl this holiday season. We don’t even care if the Jesefina doll you buy isn’t really for your niece. Do it to spite the American Family Association, which is also boycotting Target for selling Trojan products.

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