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Regent Media Insisted Advocate Wouldn’t Become an ‘Insert.’ They’re Right. It’s a ‘Supplement’

In October, Queerty exclusively reported that The Advocate as we knew it was folding, and would stay alive as a mere insert inside its sister, Out. The Advocate, then, would no longer be available on newsstands. The magzines’ publisher, Regent/Here Media, immediately pounced on our report and claimed it to be inaccurate. This, despite our numerous accurate prior reports about Regent’s corporate dealings, and this item’s dead-on information about massive layoffs, advertising revenue and cash flow problems, and, of course, the axing of Advocate as a standalone magazine. Regent’s biggest problem, it appears, was our use of the term “gutted,” which anyone who works (worked?) at The Advocate would tell you is exactly what happened. But most gay blogs and media — including Advocate columnist and Sirius/XM host Michelangelo Signorile — ran Regent’s version of events as the true version of things, and dismissed Queerty‘s report. Funny, then, that now that Out has begun shipping, with The Advocate tucked neatly inside, the polybagged thing that subscribers are receiving is exactly what we described it would be.


Kenneth Walsh at Kenneth in the 212, who receives the magazines by mail, reports on a spelling and grammar error-riddled letter that accompanied the latest issue of the magazine, owned by Regent’s Paul Colichman and Stephen Jarchow (pictured).

And Walsh notes the obvious: we were right.

Nearly two weeks after getting a press e-mail with information about the February 2010 issue of The Advocate, I finally received what I believed was my copy of the mag in the mail today — only it was actually a copy of Out, with a slender version of The Advocate tucked inside the plastic bag from Here Media.

Along with the magazine(s) was this letter, explaining that The Advocate was no longer available as a “stand-alone print subscription” (my hyphen), so I would now be receiving the “Out Advocate Edition” instead. (I was not a subscriber of Out.) The masthead on the mini-Advocate shows that Jon Barrett is still editor in chief, but many positions have been eliminated, including the managing editor, the associate art director, the associate photo editor, the research editor, the editorial operations coordinator and one of the mag’s copy editors — as demonstrated in red, above (I freelance, guys!) [Ed: Exactly as Queerty detailed.].

Print media is hurting and publishers are doing what they have to do to survive. We all get it. But isn’t this pretty much exactly what Queerty reported in October? And didn’t The Advocate immediately turn around and tell me that Queerty “doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” followed by an official statement from Stephen Macias, Here/Regent Media’s senior vice president, clearing up the blog’s “inaccuracies”? I’ve met Stephen and think he’s terrific. And Jon and I have dozens of mutual friends and he’s always been friendly and helpful when I’ve e-mailed him. So I can’t help but wonder what it was about Queerty’s report that bothered them so much that they felt it was necessary to lash out against it — and in the process draw more attention to it — knowing that it was essentially correct? Are they upset that a blog is filling a role in the gay world that was once their primary responsibility? That current or former employees are talking to bloggers? Or was it just the snarky tone that rubbed them the wrong way? Curiously, a source tells me they were particularly bent out of shape about Queerty referring to the new incarnation of The Advocate as an “insert.” Perhaps it’s true that no one at Here Media was willing to sit back and allow some bitchy blogger to call the country’s oldest and most important gay magazine an “insert” when, in fact, it’s actually nothing of the sort. As the cover clearly states, it’s now a supplement.

We’re captioning this snapshot, which Walsh uploaded: “Indeed.”

And we needn’t remind you: Regent also insisted it didn’t “gut” its workforce. This, after firing a quarter of its staff.

(Elsewhere, the boss man David Hauslaib this week spoke to Ben and Dave’s Six Pack about Regent. Listen to the interview here.)

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  • Nightstalker

    Masochists, a fun game for you: try getting paid by these people.

  • Scott Kenan

    Writer. Worked for Tennessee Williams 1981-1982. Completed memoir: WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS. Was contracted for publication with Alyson Books on 8/6/09. Alyson refused to pay the $3000.00 advance although I had fully complied with every part of contract. On 1/7/10, the advance then 5 months overdue, I pitched a fit with them (including links to Queerty reports) and forced them to cancel the contract. My agent, Cynthia Zigmund of Literary Services, Inc. then canceled my contract with her because I was “impatient and impossible to deal with.” Don Weise had told me to delete all previous versions of my ms. from my computer after I earlier delivered the final file of my ms. to him. I thought he was overtired. No writer would do this. I did not. But after the contract was canceled, I discovered that final file on my computer had been stripped from 770 kb to 4 kb, and the title corrupted. I had other copies, so no problem. I have been in contact with ACLU. I will speak freely with anyone about this. Here/Regent is evil.

  • JRD

    Well, maybe if the now insert hadn’t cost more than the magazine it will now be inside of, it wouldn’t have had to fold. I know there is a lot of economy involved, but WOW GUYS!!!

  • Rex

    Gays certainly like to eat their own.

  • Danger

    I’m so happy the advocate is a supplement. Now we need Out to fold so it can be a supplement to The Guide magazine. And then it can fold and become a supplement to Xtra. Then it can fold and well bring back the Blade to hold all the supplements. We’ll call it, “Fags for the memories.”

  • RS

    Worked. Gutted is accurate.

  • Qjersey

    I got my issues in the mail last week. Gutted is too gentle a term, the Advocate has been rendered impotent and irrelevant. Thanks for killing a major publication and focusing instead on a pretty coffee table magazine. Maybe since Genre folded, HERE thinks that people will buy OUT to see pics of pretty boys in underwear.

    I got screwed out of the balance of my Genre subscription. HERE added the balance of my Advocate subscription to the balance of my OUT subscription…so now I’m paid up til 2013.

    Anybody think OUT will last that long?

  • Qjersey

    BTW…. HERE! TV sucks. I have to get around to canceling it. They’re idea of original programming…is videotaping a radio show.

  • Qjersey

    BTW…. HERE! TV sucks. I have to get around to canceling it. Their idea of original programming…is videotaping a radio show.

  • Brandon

    Anyone who has ever worked at HereTV or knows anyone who has worked there knows the place is evil. They lie to, abuse, threaten their contractors and employees and cheat all kinds of people out of money. Karma is a bitch though, so patience and the whole thing will crumble.

  • hardmannyc

    OK, so the print edition is virtually nonexistent. meanwhile, the web version is quite good. So why the bitching?

  • graham

    That’s a shame. The Advocate was the only LGBT-themed magazine I ever found worthy of buying. The others are 50% advertisements and 50% soft porn. I get enough of that on the internet, thank you very much.

  • Meowzer

    Stopped buying these magazines a long time ago. Advocate was too preachy and self righteous. I liked out, but they constantly hyped merchandise and events way out of my price range. Not all gays have an unlimited budget. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of their magazine.

  • greenpointguy

    They are doing their best in a tough economic climate to keep an iconic magazine alive. Any other publisher (see: Conde Nast kills Gourmet) would have simply killed it. Queerty, why are you such a cunt?

  • Scott Kenan

    @greenpointguy: Queerty is not a cunt. Regent/Here/Alyson are currently being investigated by the ACLU for suppression of journalists and writers and for their connection to the Republican Party and the Great Right Wing Conspiracy. There is a reason this company publishes sexy books and mags, but not loving ones. Hello?!? Blame Colichman. Have you ever seen his picture? His boyfriend? His obscenity of personal riches while he bleeds his company to death? Wake up!

  • TheAwfulTruth

    these magazines still exist????

  • Rock

    Why the hate? Like all traditional media outlets, they are moving into digital and are going through the same problems.

  • WeHoWriter

    It’s about time someone starts calling out Regent/Here for its evil business practices. Now, Queerty needs to investigate the way Regent/Here treats its filmmakers – or mistreats them, which is more accurate. Every filmmaker I know who has sold a movie to Regent/Here is still owed money, the company issues completely inaccurate accounting statements, and they constantly flat out lie to filmmakers, film festivals and retail outlets.

    To the powers that be at Queerty – please run an investigate piece on Regent/Here Films. All you have to do is talk to ANY filmmaker who has sold a film to the company, and you’ll find someone who was screwed over by them.

  • Scott Kenan

    Thank you WeHo Writer!!!! The first comment since my extensive one that addresses Truth. Any serious journalist or other “victim” of Regent/Here can contact me and I am not one to mince words. I was caught not only in R/H’s web of deception, but also that of the University of the South who had partnered with them to suppress my Tennessee Williams memoir. You see, I not only have the dirt on Alyson Books now, but have been in possession of all the evidence needed to prove that TUOTS’ aka Suwanee’s lawyer, Michael Reemer, bribed certain of TW’s closest friends to testify falsely that TW was incompetent. Thus, Suwanee instead of Harvard got to control TW’ estate INCLUDING ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. As AIDS developed and Christians thanked God for it as the righteous punishment of Gays, Tennessee knew Suwanee, a totally homophobic school (same is true for Regent/Here—if you know the difference between a gay person and a faggot) would never honor his will. Both REgent/Here and Suwanee have threatened me with lawsuits, but that just made me holler louder and more specifically. I have called both their bluffs. They cannot fight me in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. All that was left to them was the corruption of my computer and email communications. And that hasn’t worked either. As I type, I watch emails going in and out via my software. But I don’t write them. I don’t receive them. It now is simply entertainment. Regent/Here and The University of the South are already defeated. And they know it. It’s time for the Cavalry of the Artists to swoop in and finish them. Google my name to learn more about me. The story of my fight with them is on my blog.

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^ Dude, you obviously have a personal beef with Regent/Alyson because of some sort of complicated misunderstanding. But don’t expand that into a whole worldview. Shit happens all the time in publishing.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Working for the Gay Media is like working for the Mafia! Having The Advocate as a supplement creates a lot of landfill with the useless advertising and straight-looking twinks in Out which is the one magazine with NO content beyond pseudo-sexual Nambla-ish fantasises of huge generational differences! Gay journalists put up with sub-par wages, non-payments, sexual harassment and a heinous and unprofessional atmosphere for the “cause” which is so diluted that we gay consumers have become a porn-clicking culture instead of trying to fight for our economic rights and civil justice. Unions which are vociferously homophobic never come to our defense and we are left with a sympathetic gay ambitious lawyer up against a secret Republican-driven legal campaign and endless investment coffers that can bury anyone in legal delays forever.

    Print Media is Dead! Gay Cable Networks are set-up to mainstream our tastes, not challenge our lack of human rights. Bars, often owned by Republican straights or conservative queers but also still the Mafia are endlessly bombarded with Drag Shows or Go Go dancing. Heaven forbid if we ran our own bar version of a cable network filmed live from bars with our shows, our music, our cabaret, our own Chapels of Love….which could unite the younger party crowd, re-invigorate a dying gayborhood and organize the activist networks. Conquer and Divide works better by seducing the young into hedonism and excluding all others with looksism, ageism, fear of HIV and dumbing down as a deliberate ploy! It always has been! Just look inside your local gay rag, like Next Mag in NYC and you would think that everyone in New York is young, buff and model-looking when that could not be further from reality if you actually go to the Market or Chelsea as we are exceptionally ordinary… everywhere else.

  • Scott Kenan

    @hardmannyc: Well, this moniker cannot be hiding Don. It promises “hard.”

  • Scott Kenan

    @hardmannyc: I now perceive something behind your words. Time will tell.

  • Bubblicious

    people still read?

  • Scott Kenan

    @Bubblicious: I just read your three words PLUS the question mark. Imagine that! How well could you work your computer without doing any reading of words or icons (symbols) on the screen? Let’s change the question. I know you have to have a brain (material), but do you have a mind (spiritual)? Do you know Mind? (something larger)

  • TheInsider

    @no.26 Scott Kenan
    I think no. 25 was joking Scott. Get it?

  • Scott Kenan

    @TheInsider: And I was taking his words and running with them for my own humor purposes. I was having fun. I always have fun, even when at my most serious. Never trust a person who is not playful. They have no Mind. Get it? God is Fun! (also beauty, love, etc.—but NEVER fear, aka: False Evidence Appearing Real)

  • Alex

    The Advocate has a very, VERY narrow appeal. It is a gay magazine with gay editors who put out gay magazines for OTHER gay magazine editors. It has nothing in it that I or any other gay man I know can relate to. The commentary is predictable (All, even moderately, conservative straight people are evil KKK swamp dwellers and everything is all their fault) the ads and the features are all about clothes and vacations I can’t afford, throw in something about Harvey Firestien and there you go!

  • Nightstalker

    The powers that be at Regent and the mental illness known as bipolar disorder are both highly destructive and equally deceitful.

  • Scott Kenan

    @Nightstalker: Say what? I have recently deployed what I call “The Nuclear Something-or-Other.” And frankly, I have been bombarded already by so many messages that I have hit my target perfectly, I haven’t had time to make a “public” announcement. I guess this here posting will have to serve as such. FYI: I am bipolar: Art & Business. Scott

  • Joe Clark

    Confidential to Scott Kenan: Picayune Alyson Books is not carrying out a Chinese-style cybercrime operation on your computer. Let me guess: You’re using Windows? And not a recent version? And without the innumerable post-facto security patches installed? And you’re using Outlook (or Express) as your mail program? And, moreover, you’re using IE6?

    Well, congratulations, Scott. You’re a winner in the I Chose the Least Secure Computer Platform in Existence contest. Your machine has been turned into a spambot by unspecified (possibly Russian) forces. Of course it affects your MS Word documents, as they are also insecure by definition. Such an attack would especially affect Word documents sent as attachments via your unsecure E-mail program.

    It’s only going to get worse. In fact, you won’t be able to fix it. Your best bet is to switch to a more secure platform, like Macintosh. In the meantime, don’t blame Alyson for what they didn’t do and are completely incapable of doing. Remember, this is an industry that still edits on paper.

  • Scott Kenan

    @Joe Clark: Thanks Joe, but that is why I converted to a new Mac in Sept. after my Windows and Vista computers with total security and updated software and browsers had to be forced to shut down as Windows said some other computer was not allowing mine to shut down despite using all security. ONLY my final manuscript file was corrupted and gutted on my Mac, so so much for Mac security. Perhaps Russians have reason to attack my computer every 20 minutes or so (new Norton security tells me this and I choose to block the attacks, but only Alyson Books and The University of the South would have cause to destroy my book’s file, and THAT is the ONLY one that has been attacked. (so far. LOL.) Your logic is decent, but you didn’t have all the info of the situation. I use Apple Mail software.

  • anonimus

    does sombody know what can I do with the shares that still hold from this company? Will be publicly traded again?? Thanks

  • Scott Kenan

    @anonimus: Which company? Regent/Here? Don’t even ask. They were bought by the Republican Party (Paul Colichman and Don Weise) to fuck gay writers. Nobody is getting paid. One person I know who won a legal judgment in November can’t get paid for that. Don Weise is the biggest traitor to gay people who ever lived. Ask Edmund White, Christopher Rice, Aiden Shaw if you don’t believe me.

  • Recession watcher

    I don’t understand why or how Alyson Books/Don Weise signed a contract with Scott Kenan for this book at all? Any seasoned publishing professional should have taken the five necessary minutes I did to have vetted Kenan before involving any out-of-house editor on this manuscript (if Kenan is even to be believed).(And who cares if it came from an agent?) I rejected it, and wisely, before I was “laid off” from Alyson Books. And I certainly told all interested parties about this manuscript before I had to abruptly leave.

  • Scott D. Kenan

    Your first sentence is a statement, not a question. So, you were “laid off.” Well, who knows? (actual question.) You don’t have the integrity to identify yourself.

    See the reviews of my book on its site: John Lahr, Thomas Keith (TW’s own editor at New Directions), Williams cousin and scholar Dr. Kenneth Holditch, and Williams friend and playwright Dr. Larry Myers.

    Your posting, Recession Writer is disingenious and indicitive of Republicans trying to discredit the evidence I gave the FBI, Parick Kennedy, and Obama stragegists. See my blog: .

    Any true professional can contact me through my websites. All rights are available, as well as rights to my second book on the difficulties I’ve had in getting published. THAT one will curl a few hairs! LOL.

    Scott D. Kenan

  • Scott D. Kenan

    To be clear, you have to go back to about 1-1-2010 to get the info on Alyson, Don Weise, etc. The most recent post is what i sent the FBI concerning the death threat that first came from GA Congressman John Linder and then later from “the very top,” after I turned evidence on Linder’s partnering with Pentagon Publishing on importing, distributing, and selling illegal drugs with the help of the US Air Force.

    I’m not afraid to appear to be crazy. I just don’t want to BE crazy like my adversaries. We passed Health Care after tying the Republicans in knots, didn’t we???


  • Lincoln Rose

    Advocate’s been going south for awhile now. Even online, it’s mostly a gay magazine about straight celebrities with a little bit of news everybody already knew tossed in so it looks like they did some work.

    They used to do journalism and ask actual questions. Now 90% of the time they’re just phoning it in online and taking feeds from the straight media.

  • Dawn

    It’s been 11 weeks and I haven’t received my issue. I’m sorry to hear the Advocate is merely a supplement now, but I still want my magazine. I tried to call customer service to correct a small address mistake, but no one is answering!

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