Rehab Failed To Save Bismarck From “Homosexual Habits”

In our report on Count Gottfried von Bismarck’s fatal drug overdose, we linked to Britain’s conservative The Daily Telegraph. While some of you may have followed the link, we suspect the majority of you lazy butts didn’t.

So, we’d like to share another excerpt from The Daily Telegraph‘s report. David Sepsted writes on Olivia Channon’s 1982 overdose in Bismark’s bed:

Von Bismarck said after [Channon’s death]: “This whole thing has changed my life totally. I have learned a lot about addiction and I intend to change.”

He returned to Germany and entered an alcoholics’ rehabilitation program at a private clinic but it seemed to have little effect on his flamboyant, openly homosexual habits.

If only Ted Haggard had been around – he’d surely save Bismarck from his sinful, destructive desires. Sigh