Rehabilitated Dishware

Sarah Cihat

Brooklyn based artist Sara Cihat’s Fifty-Cents line of dishware is colorful, kitsch, and perfect for any queer home. How could you not love purple dishes with ponies emblazoned all over?

Her graphic arts flatware is actually an “exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products.” In layman’s terms, she takes old dishware, paints over them, and makes them new again. It’s brand new and it’s retro.

The press has picked up on her colorful creations. Paper, Nylon, and Teen Vogue have all featured her products. The Future Perfect (our new favorite shop, fyi) in Brooklyn carries the brand as does RAYE in Houston and The English Department in Portland.

They are a bit pricey, but each piece is hand painted and hand fired. It may be the perfect way to keep mom’s old dishware in the family. Or it could be a way to turn that set of dishes you bought at Salvation Army when you first moved out on your own into something actually worth keeping.

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