Gets Revenge By Making Not So Veiled, Definitely Lame Threats

Reichen Breaks Out Lawyers After Bass Bash?

Lance Bass may have found himself a new man, but his drama with ex-beau Reichen Lehmkuhl reportedly continues. The current issue of tab-rag Star claims that Reichen, who Bass dated post-coming out, threatened to sue Bass for some unflattering commentary.

Heidi Parker writes:

Star has learned exclusively that the Amazing Race winner sent a letter to Lance’s rep on October 25 that threatened to sue the pop singer, claiming his remarks in the November issue of GQ were defamatory. In the interview, the ex ‘NSYNC-er claims Reichen cheated on him, adding: “I thought, ‘Why does everyone hate him?” At the end, I was like, ‘Ok, everyone was right.’”

These comments angered Reichen so much that the actor’s attorney allegedly wrote to Lance’s rep, saying “demand is made that Mr. Bass immediately cease and desist commenting on our client. In the event that Mr. Bass declines…you are advised that we expressly reserve the right to address the circumstances in the appropriate forum in the appropriate time.”

Awesome! We can’t wait for Reichen to come out and tell us all the gory details of his Lance Bass romance. It’ll be like walking on our grandparents having sex, only much, much worse. Much.

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  • newyorkie

    What a PATHETIC LOSER. I never thought Reichen could get any more unlikeable… but he just did.

    Team Lance all the way!

  • Mr.D

    I agree. What a snake. Slither back into your hole.

  • DavidDust

    Is it just me, or does Lance look a little bit like Corky from Life Goes On in this picture?

  • Leland Frances

    Unfortunately, the former Dumbo-earred Richard Lehmkuhl can’t change his IQ as easy as he did his ears and name. He even fucked up the latter when he was trying to go by “Reichen Burke” for a while.

    A normal person, one without a severe addiction to attention, ANY attention, wouldn’t want more attention drawn to the time ahortly after claims that he had sex with “Real Worlder” Davis in Atlanta right before Lance’s rep announced they were no longer a couple when he publicly admitted on his own myspace shrine that he had an “interaction” that was “brief and of bad judgement.”

    But he has a history not just of being accused of cheating but of threatening lawsuits. The most famous threat was against Perez, but that long and equally poorly written threat on myspace [which included claims that other celebrities might join him in some kind of joint suit against the blogger] disappeared with his relationship with Bass. Ironically, poetically, he verbally repeated it at a book signing, seen in the video below, along with assurances that he would never cheat on Lance, apparently mere hours before the “brief and of bad judgment” “interaction.”

    We’re sure Lance’s recent comments to “Newsweek” didn’t make him any happier;

    “Every single person I’ve dated, girl or guy, I’m really close with, except for the last one. He definitely broke my heart. After, you look back and say, ‘Was I that stupid’? I did see him at an event in April. He had a new boyfriend. I think he had this one well before we broke up.”

    Lance’s pockets, even after months with the allegedly broke bottom, are far deeper than Ricky’s er Reichen’s. As are those of TMZ and Page Six and all the others who have repeated stories about him and his indictment of himself. When examining his credibility, would he really want their attorneys to call to the stand Chip and Charlie and Louis and the unnamed woman he admitted dating primarily to possibly get a cheaper-than-adoption-or-surrogate-mother baby out of? Or to go line-by-line through the questionable claims in his book?

    We doubt any jury would be swayed by the huge tattoo across his back that appeared post Lance:
    “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME” but it would at least give him an excuse to take his shirt off in court which might be motivation enough for him to try.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Lehkmul’s 15 minutes are UP. Quit workin’ it, bitch.

  • Brandon85

    He is such a stereotype.

  • kel777

    hmm, Lance looks cute in other pictures, he looks so-so here. I can see why other guys don’t care for him now though. Never seen him before much.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Someone indicated in another thread that it is the “royal prerogative” to diss gay celebrities as they make “just out” choices, only in the public view of the 24-7 infortainment programmes.

    In earlier generations, Hollywood and Broadway boasted some rather stable relationships. Even Sir John Gielgud had a relationship of four decades at his death.

    Today, opposite sex or same sex couplings are measured in matters of hours, minutes and seconds it seems….alright, months. Too much money, fame and opportunity in order to commit permanently, eh?

    This is not about gay vs straight (or bi….are we still doing “B” ? or is it gone like “T”????) but gay & straight (ibidem….

  • Megan

    you know what i’m proud of reichen for sticking up for himself. and i’m glad hes doing something about this.

  • Chilly

    Seriously, He should get a medal of honor for banging Lance Bass – ick. As Queers if we went around suing every ex-lover turned “Whore” we’d have no time to circuit or shop. Give it a freakin’ rest already girls.

  • newyorkie

    I’m glad to see Megan has made her way over to Queerty… since she’s been banned at several other message boards I’ve frequented for her rabid, frightening, hysterical passion for Lance’s cheating ex. This chick is FREAKY.

    Anyway, why would he need to “stick up for himself”? Is there any person out there who thought he WASN’T cheating? 13-year-old fangirls NOT included, Megan. He’s too poor to afford a lawyer anyway.

  • TeamBass

    Totally agreed NewYorkie! It was annoying to see those freaking rants made me wanna smack the chick. I frequent same said message boards I’m glad she was band although I have a feeling she’s returned to one sadly enough. Reichen needs to get over himself. Lance said nothing defaming about him. Lance was just speaking the truth. He’s cried wolf one to many times already.

  • Christian Pelham

    Reichen you stretched your fifteen minutes into fifteen hours. Im too old to be a Lance Bass groupie probably, but I have been most impressed with everthing I have heard come out of him since his coming out. Lance you are a great role model for GLBT youth.

    I have heard a few unbelievable stories about Reichen’s behavior from a friend who dated him several years ago pre-Lance.

    Basically, Reichen just adores himself, Reichen thinks he has some sort of fan following or respect in our community, Reichen strethes and fabricates and will do anything to be in front of a camera, and Reichen needs to read up on the issues facing our community, what we are doing to respond to them, and show a lot more empathy in public and especially amongst his few close friends in terms of our community and the people included in it.

    I realized when I read this stupid lawyer news that I have personally already forgetten Reichens last name. I am sure he will fade away soon, there are too great gay folks waiting to take the stage.

  • Sam Page

    Most of the people who make disparaging comments about Reichen are either jealous of either the success and fame he’s experienced as an out gay man, or just bitter that he didn’t find them attractive. I think Reichen’s done a great job turning his experience on the Amazing Race into a career for himself, one which also advances the cause of gay Americans.

    To borrow from another webber: “Leave Reichen alone!!!!”

  • newyorkie

    “Success”? “Fame”? Hahahaha.

    And if you think doing softcore porn on basic cable “advances the cause of gay Americans”… well. That says a lot about your character and what you think gay guys should be. How sad.

  • TeamBass

    Sorry but I’m not either jealous or bitter. I’ve met both Lance and Reichen and he maybe a nice guy but seriously Lance has the right to say how he feels. Hell if anyone should be yelling defamation of characterization for what Lance has said or put his his book it would be Justin but you don’t see him suing Lance.

  • Megan

    Your right Lance does have the right to say how he feels, but you know what so does Reichen. And to be honest since the split i have never not once heard or seen for myself Reichen ever saying anything bad about Lance. this is really the first time Reichen’s ever done or said anything, but only after Lance said this. So honestly you can’t blame Reichen for wanting to defend himself, hes only human and has the same rights as anyone else.
    And for those who think i’m crazy….join the club ;). oh and Sam Page i agree with you.

  • Leland Frances

    Give up, people. You cut the head off of a Reichen Troll with facts and they just grow another one hissing, “you’re just jealous!” What’s he going to say about Lance? “He shouldn’t have kicked my ass to the curb after supporting me for months just because I got my dick stuck in someone else’s zipper”?

    Lehmkuhl bounces from boyfriend to boyfriend so quickly that he should sell his bed and sleep on a TRAMPoline!


    I really don’t understand all the hating on Reichen when Lance is no angel. Why all the protecting of Lance? I ended up hanging out with them at Neighbours, a gay club in Seattle after Reichen’s book party last year. Reichen was nice to EVERYONE – engaging, personable, and genuinely appreciative of the love and support he got from people. Lance was on a sofa with a local hot boy I’m friends with, with his arm around him, I saw him rub his crotch, AND touch his ass! Reichen and I were talking when I noticed him glancing over at the sofa – he kept staring, but Lance didn’t even make eye contact. All those rumors aren’t Reichen! I was It’s Lance!

    THEN, later – I heard Lance ask 2 boys I know, Justin & Ryan to go to the bathroom to see their penises – I was like – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    My friend Kyle escorted them all to the private bathroom where the 3 of them were in there for about 15minutes – Kyle said Lance tried to ditch him several times, but Kyle took his job as security VERY seriously, he also said Lance was on the lookout for Reichen every 5 mintues. He also told Kyle to leave, but Kyle waited outside the door. The boys came out giggling. Just What does that mean?
    That was just a couple of the things that happened in a few hours at a club with EVERYONE watching – but we seattle-ites aren’t usually very flashy when it comes to kissing and telling. But this negative press is pissing me off.
    I think all the Reichen-bashing Lance has done in the press since the book’s come out is tacky and seems like jealousy. It’s been over a year! Get over it! Reichen & Ryan get way more attention and positive press together. Lance should just get on with his life and just shut the hell up!

  • Megan

    you are my freaking hero dude!!! FINALLY someone whos actually sticking up for reichen, thank god its about damn time!.

  • newyorkie

    “all the Reichen-bashing Lance has done in the press”

    Um… what? The only negative thing Lance has EVER said about Reichen was that his friends’ opinion of him were correct. Many of Lance’s friends wanted him to get out of that relationship because they knew Reichen was a cheater. How is that NEGATIVE? Lance was just saying that he should have listened to his friends.

    “Reichen & Ryan get way more attention and positive press together.”

    Who? I’m assuming Ryan is sleeping with Reichen now? Honey, no one ever talks about these two. Queerty, this very blog, posted one item about them that was negative. Positive attention? Reichen is doing softcore porn, and Ryan is, I assume, some sort of slutty underwear model. WHAT GREAT ROLE MODELS!!

    Lance’s relationships, meanwhile, get MAINSTREAM press in legit magazines like People and US Weekly. Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time reading trashy gay magazines like DNA, you’d know that.

  • Mark

    A friend told me about this site and all the Reichen whore-bashing that goes on here – and he knew about my story. I I posted this on Perez too because I figured it’s time for guys like me who’ve been used by Lance to stop keeping silent because they don’t want to be “that guy” – like the one the enquirer used to out Clay Aiken. I have my own career, friends and family who I don’t want hounded or humiliated, I have no desire to ever end up in a magazine for something I didn’t accomplish.

    Lance came up to me at the Shore club last year when him and Reichen were there after they got back together. He said that they were now in an open relationship, and that I should come back to the room with him because he thought I was hot, and Reichen would join us later because it would look weird if all three of us left because of the stuff Perez was saying about them having threesomes. I thought it’d be kind of hot, so I said okay.

    We went back to the room and got naked and were fooling around, Lance said, Reichen usually likes to come in and join right in – well, he got there, but he was locked out of the room! He was banging and yelling to get in. Lance walks naked to the door – Lance had apparently left Reichen at the club without saying he was even leaving! They started yelling and fighting like cats and dogs – especially after Lance had the balls to tell Reichen – he should just join in on the fun! Reichen turned purple, I thought he was going to have a stroke. They were still yelling, so I got dressed and got the hell out of there – talk abou AWKWARD! I told a couple friends about it the next day and they were laughing so hard I still haven’t lived it down – but give the guy a break – you never know what the hell goes on between 2 guys in a relationship. And Lance, believe it or not, was not some shy boy in the bedroom.

  • What I saw in Seattle

    RE: Negative Comments Lance has been making about Reichen in GQ & Newsweek

    I think the Lance vs. Reichen story has been seriously misreported! I don’t have a personal stake in either of their stories, but the Lance that I saw and was around, is NOT the Lance that has been reported in the media. Lance was the one flirting with other guys and taking 2 guys in particular into the private bathroom that was arranged for their visit for a game of “show and tell.” Lance knew what he was doing and knew that Reichen would not go along for it, because he was always conscious of where Reichen was in the room and if Reichen was watching what he was doing.

    Lance even went so far as making out with a friend of mine on a couch in the VIP lounge at the club Neighbours in Seattle during Reichen’s book release party last year. They were kissing and Lance was sticking his hand down my friends pants. Lance even went so far as to invite my friend back to Lance & Reichen’s hotel room at the Marriott that night WITHOUT Reichen’s knowledge. Talking to my friend later I found out when the got into the limo at the end of the night, Reichen made a comment about dropping my friend off at home. Lance immediately piped in saying that my friend was coming with them. When they got back to the hotel room, LANCE started trying to mess around with my friend. My friend said it was obvious that Reichen was not happy about him being there…so he got up and left.

    Like I said before, it is none of my business what they do in their personal lives or what was the ultimate cause of their relationship’s break-up, but it is a little difficult to sit back when all you read in the media are things that Lance is saying about Reichen….when it was Lance and NOT Reichen that my friends and I observed being a “slut.” I have people that can verify my story. It is time that the other side of Lance is exposed!



  • Micah

    Again, this is a page for Lance, I don’t see the reason for the reichen bashing. Though we might have the Lance fans/past fans on here, just because Reichen’s an exbf, that doesn’t mean it’s a high school forum to hurt someone’s feelings or someone who may actually know him for real. I was their server at Tao in Las Vegas and I didn’t see the attitude you’re referring too.

    While understandably, Lance seemed to just hang out and expect everything we gave them, Reichen was excited and appreciated the servers, the food, he thanked us repeatedly, and while I was in their section, I saw him pay attention to all the people that came up to them – Lance sadly, didn’t make an effort which disappointed me – but that’s his choice. I see bigger celebs that him do that all the time, so it wasn’t a surprise.

    One of our crazy busboys who’s gay ex-military even got in his face and tried to start some deep some conversation with him and he even sat through that – at TAO VIP! – I almost asked Reichen if he’s like security to remove him, but he let the guy say his peace, talked to him about policy and moved on.

    Let’s leave this forum about Lance. 2 cents.

  • Leland Frances

    “[When I was in the first grade] I set up an entire make-believe house in my room, with a sink, dishwasher, garage, and piano. I made my stuffed animals my family. I was so adamant about pretending that my small room was a real house that I designated a corner by the door as the bathroom. Instead of leaving my room, I would actually urinate on the carpet in the corner of my bedroom. Suffering from early onset of severe social anxiety, I would do anything at all not to leave the world I had created for myself.”

    – Reichen Lehmkuhl, “Here’s What We’ll Say,” page 5, paragraph 2.

    The more things change the more …..

  • Andrew

    RE: post #24
    Hey Jason…not that I can speak for Reichen, but I know for a fact that I would rather have 15 minutes of fame any day instead of trying to save my pathetic career by blasting my ass to the moon all the while becoming a national laughing stock in the process! If Lance made it to the moon, who would he slut out with??

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