Gets Revenge By Making Not So Veiled, Definitely Lame Threats

Reichen Breaks Out Lawyers After Bass Bash?

Lance Bass may have found himself a new man, but his drama with ex-beau Reichen Lehmkuhl reportedly continues. The current issue of tab-rag Star claims that Reichen, who Bass dated post-coming out, threatened to sue Bass for some unflattering commentary.

Heidi Parker writes:

Star has learned exclusively that the Amazing Race winner sent a letter to Lance’s rep on October 25 that threatened to sue the pop singer, claiming his remarks in the November issue of GQ were defamatory. In the interview, the ex ‘NSYNC-er claims Reichen cheated on him, adding: “I thought, ‘Why does everyone hate him?” At the end, I was like, ‘Ok, everyone was right.'”

These comments angered Reichen so much that the actor’s attorney allegedly wrote to Lance’s rep, saying “demand is made that Mr. Bass immediately cease and desist commenting on our client. In the event that Mr. Bass declines…you are advised that we expressly reserve the right to address the circumstances in the appropriate forum in the appropriate time.”

Awesome! We can’t wait for Reichen to come out and tell us all the gory details of his Lance Bass romance. It’ll be like walking on our grandparents having sex, only much, much worse. Much.