Reichen Lehmkuhl, David Hasselhoff, Survivor, Chris Brown, Will Smith And More!

Is The A List: New York sisterhood breaking up—or is a new branch starting on the West Coast? A little real-estate birdie told us Reichen Lehmkuhl is heading out to Los Angeles to attend classes at UCLA and start a new men’s line called Vapid Queen Reichen. (Well, he’s already tried acting, singing, writing and jewelry design.) He’s put his 1BR in  The 505 (505 West 47th Street) in Hell’s Kitchen on the market (too many memories of Rodiney?), so if you know any glamour-hungry gays with $870,000 burning a hole in their pocket, they can live where so many classic A List moments took place. Webcam and wi-fi hookup not included.

A new study at England’s Birmingham University suggests the drug ecstasy could be used as a treatment for certain kinds of cancer. Thank God—we’ve been snorting stem cells for years and getting no buzz at all.

When Survivor: South Pacific debuts on September 14, there’ll be at least one gay castaway in the mix. Mark Anthony Caruso, 48, is a registered nurse (and former NYPD detective) who refers to himself a “Daddy Bear.” On his profile page, Caruso says the other contestants shouldn’t underestimate an older guy. “Why? Because I have the heart, brain and soul to outwit, outplay and outlast every single one of you.” Guess we’ll finally find out if a bear shits in the woods.


Chris Brown
just can’t seem to keep his temper in check. The volatile R&B star was allegedly caught shouting anti-gay slurs outside a Las Vegas nightclub. Witnesses say the singer called the bouncers “faggots” who should “suck his dick,” before hopping on Twitter and telling his fans, “To everybody: never go to club XS in Vegas! They are dicks!” (Nothing says macho wild man like jumping on Twitter.) The “She Ain’t You” singer went back on the social-networking tool, though, to deny making the comments. “Whatever story they make up about the club last night is Hella false,” he tweeted. “Bouncers at the front was trippin on dress code. Said my peace so ignorant people don’t try to make up a homophobic story or breaking shit story!”

The Advocate points out this isn’t the first time Brown’s been called out for making anti-gay remarks. While one story about him using gay slurs at gum proved false, he’s been caught on video calling a TMZ photographer “gay” and, last winter, apologized for trading anti-gay insults on Twitter with rapper Raz B. Sheesh, Chris, you’re not exactly helping those gay rumors with all this homo talk.

Speaking of Survivor, Season One winner Richard Hatch claims he’s broke and needs a court-appointed attorney to appeal his tax-evasion conviction, which has landed him in the clink for nine months. (Bitch still hasn’t paid his taxes on the million dollars he won on the show in 2000!) But U.S. Magistrate Judge Lincoln D. Almond is recommending Hatch be denied free legal counsel, saying the appeal is not, “taken in good faith.” Don’t worry Rich, we’re sure you can out-think, outrun and outlast your cellmates for a few more months.

For certain media types who think coming out would interfere with there journalistic integrity, we hold up Don Lemon as proof you can be gay and a reputable newscaster. On Monday night’s episode of The Joy Behar Show the out CNN anchor hosted a panel discussion on being transgender with model Isis King (America’s Next Top Model), author/activist Chaz Bono and actresses Laverne Cox (VH1’s TRANSform Me) and Harmony Santana (Gun Hill Road).  “I’m really proud to be out here so that kids who are realizing that they’re transgender have people to look at and say, ‘Okay, you know, maybe I’m going to be okay,’” said Bono. And in his own way, Lemon is doing the same thing.


Apparently David Hasselhoff‘s fame extends beyond Germany. The TV star/ drunk burger muncher performed at London’s G-A-Y nightclub, where he gyrated with a trio of drag queens in Baywatch bathing suits to help promote his daughters’ new pop act, Bella Vida. Gee, thanks Dad!

If you were thinking of getting Will Smith a divorce present (like, say, oh… a beard trimmer) save your money. Despite rumors that his 13-year arrangement marriage to actress Jada Pinkett Smith was ending, the couple claim they are as tight as ever. “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false,” read a statement the two issued. “We are still together, and our marriage is intact.” Yup, just like the marriages of their good friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Sex And The City super-producer Darren Star has walked away from the new ABC dramedy Good Christian Belles due to “tension” with the showrunners. He wasn’t supposed to be attached to the series—about a young divorcee (Leslie Bibb) who returns to her upper-class Dallas roots—for the long haul, but his early departure isn’t a good sign. Let us pray: Our Father, who art in Burbank, please make this the show that turns Kristin Chenoweth into a household name.