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  • Sunil

    INSIDE INFO — I just talked to my friend from NYC and he filled me in. Yes, that was Reichen Lehmkuhl. Apparently the executives at Logo (the TV channel), got wind of what he was doing and asked (ordered) him to take it down.

    I’m just so disappointed in Reichen. He started out as a gay advocate by writing that book about being gay in the Air Force, and tried to be a spokesman for SLDN. But apparently he figured he could get a lot more fame and $$$ by simply being the shallow, narcissistic queen that he really is.

    And then he (& the cast of A-list) recorded a video for “It gets better.” Because all gay kids should know that they too can be self-absorbed queens who count calories, sunbathe on rooftops, and steal each other’s boyfriends.

    Porn should be the next stop for Reichen — “bisexual” my @ss — you know that he’s a bottom.

  • shaquita

    What I want to know is why he refers to himself as bisexual?

  • CCGuy00

    god, what’s the big deal? Most guys, gay and straight, have done this stuff before and who cares that he says he’s bisexual. just because someone jerks off on an adult-only website doesn’t mean they’re shallow and narcissistic, it means he’s horny. If he should be embarrassed about anything, it should be that god-awful A-list show and his dating a former boy bander just for the publicity.

  • Sunil

    @CCGuy00: It’s a big deal because the rules are different when you’re a celebrity, political figure, or someone who views himself as a role model for “gays in the military,” “or gay kids overcoming bullying.”

    Sure, everyone gets horny sometimes. That doesn’t mean you broadcast yourself nude for the world to see.

    Unless this was Reichen’s porn audition. Maybe Steven Daigle can give him some tips.

  • B

    No. 2 · shaquita wrote, “What I want to know is why he refers to himself as bisexual?”

    Think about it. You are starting an entertainment career as a “stud”. If you say you are bi, then both male and female fans can fantasize about you jumping into bed with them.

    Whether he thought that through or is simply telling the truth is a question I’ll leave to someone who actually knows him.

  • alan brickman

    He was role model??… what have you been smoking?…

  • justiceontherocks

    @alan brickman: right. And can we all have a hit.

    If this story about Logo (which has an audience of 11) busting his balls about this is true, that’s pathetic. The network show he’s on is a hell of a lot trashier than a guy stroking his unit online.

  • Petrarch

    I guess it’s a way to make some extra money. Don’t they “tip” or some such nonsense for the performers?

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Anyone got the nudies?

  • jeff4justice

    Take it off, everybody take it off.

  • TJ

    He put ‘bisexual’ in the profile to throw people off
    the track. By doing this, he thought no one would figure
    out it was him. Yeah, he’s not the sharpest tool in the

  • ~PR~

    So what! Celebrity or not, what he did was for his satisfaction and others entertainment. He once was a role model, in a way (to me, a gay soldier, his book was a good read), but that does not mean he has to stay in that light. At some point, we have to stop and live for ourselves, even if that “living” may cause some to roll their eyes and ask “what was he thinking?”

    Regardless, I still admire the guy. Seeing his member online has no impact on that one way or another. What it does impact is how I feel about his attractiveness.

  • Me J

    Cut the guy some slack, geez! I think it’s great how honest he is…he could have simply lied and said it’s not him. Dude has nothin’ to hide! I sure wish he’d make a return to cam4…I missed him the first time :(

  • Spike


    Reichen . . . gay advocate?!!? So long as it’s all about him.

    A few years back I volunteered for a SLDN fundraiser, which I had done previously, however this time Reichen was overseeing the volunteers. From the moment the event began he was ALL ABOUT cutting the volunteer shirt up to show off his arms/torso and being seen and couldn’t be bothered with volunteers who approached him with questions or problems during the event. After the event I posted my experience on-line and found it odd that there was not so much as a thank you. Reichen responded personally and went ape shit crazy on me, they guy is incredibly impressed with himself and has a very thin skin. I still have the email, it was just too good to delete.

    Had he not been on/won The Amazing Race, he would have gone into gay porn LONG AGO, and using the former military connection to increase sales, as a bottom that is, cuz that pencil dick aint gonna sell DVDs.

  • Qjersey

    Guys like Riechen, attractive, built with a skinny 7in dick are a dime a dozen.

  • Tony

    It only shows what a d-list celebrity he is. Could you imagine is this was Brad Pitt or if a REAL gay celebrity like Elton John (sorry, I know he’s not hot, but he is famous) did this? When you do this and no one really cares…you’re not a celebrity.

  • Cam

    Actually I think appearing on the “A List” was far more offputting to people than the fact that he is an internet cruiser. He wanted threeways and an open relationship on the show, so this is no shock.

    What was offputting about him was his whiny crying and constantly playing the victim while at the same time doing everything that he complained his boyfriend was doing. ugh, he was unwatchable on a full stomach.

  • Rich

    The a-list producers obviously had it in for Reichen because no one really is that bad in real life. This webcam incident makes me respect him again, I just wish he hadn’t caved in to pressure from the show. No shame in being sexual.

  • Steven

    Where can I watch the video?

  • MMDD

    @shaquita: @B: Chances are he probably really is bisexual. There’s a ton of guys out there who publicly identify as gay but in private are actually bisexual. They claim the gay label because they realize it will give them more leverage, plus people tend to accept that label without questioning. He’ll probably backtrack on it now that it’s out in the open. He’s doing that on his Twitter page now, in fact: “no, i’m gay”…”hopelessly gay here.”

  • mephistowaltz

    Please stop the insanity! Call me old fashioned, call me old, I don’t care. I am usually quite toleranat to many and most things, but these so called gay bros are gay ho’s. They are still insecure little boys with the Peter Pan syndrome. They have to show off what they have to feel acceptable. They give so many other gay men with more gentlemanly qualities a foul name and I don’t appreciate it. Do the the ignorance of so many in America, these little spoiled rich boys make the south and extreme right think we are all total wankers and I am sick of having to tell people I am not from the same cloth as those jerks. Give me more Tim Gunn who knows enough to have manners and etiquette. Something most of the A List of New York fails to show. You people make me ashamed to call myself gay. Go play your sick psychological games somewhere else. Not all gay people are self-centered, arrogant, gym bunnies that act like society whores. Be gone already.

  • JoeyO'H


    It keeps the str8 girls interested. He did this for the PR. No question!!

  • MMDD

    @JoeyO’H: Why would a guy who for years has openly identified as gay want to keep the GIRLS interested? I still say it’s likely he’s really bisexual and much more interested in females than he’s been willing to admit publicly.

  • David


  • vrkitoo

    Oh he does it better
    Join another webcamming :

  • kindred20002

    Oh please Reichen has already done porn – ever see Dante’s Cove? That’s like gay porn with a storyline if you ask me so he’s already done the upper scale class of it LOL! Terrible thing is that looser like this make it seem like we all are this way and it does nothing to break the unfair stereotype.

  • EB

    This is the type of judgment that the gay community needs to reign in. Let’s do a fact check. First of all, Reichen did not broadcast himself for all the world to see. He was privately camming with someone privately, and that person took advantage of his celebrity status and sold the images to Perez Hilton – who, incidentally, seems to be more concerned about his own interests than supporting the gay community in any way. Metiphowaltz, you are old fashioned. Reichen and others like him have said there is no right or wrong way to be gay. What you call your more “gentlemanly qualities” is nothing more than a judgment about the “right” way to be gay. There’s simply no such thing. Secondly, A-List New York is like all reality television. Hundreds of hours are filmed and it is later edited and reduced to a few episodes that make the characters appear to be something other than what they are. Only the most dramatic, emotional and sensational aspects of their lives make it on the show. And if the characters and producers don’t make that happen to some extent, there probably wouldn’t be a show. That’s the business. Instead of being tired of explaining that not all gays act like this, use such situations as an opportunity to teach people that there are many acceptable ways of being gay. Tell them you are different and how you are different, but make it a point that the show just represents one of the many acceptable ways of being gay. It seems to me that making a judgment about the “proper way to be gay” is just as bad as saying people shouldn’t be gay at all. So yes, you are old fashioned. Check your facts first, and come join the 21st century where most of us have realized that we’re in this together and we are happiest when we live and let live.

  • ass eater

    I think if he was ‘bi’, he would have some kind of history of dating women too.

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