Reichen Wants To Take You For A Ride

Reichen sure is one hard working homo. The model/reality show star/”actor”/author and alright around boy toy can now add jewelry designer to his laundry list of accomplishments. He’s joined forced with “premier” gay online store, Love and Pride to bring you the recommended daily dose tacky, yet politically active jewelry. Yippee!!

Sure, you may not want to wear something inspired by propellers, but maybe this will change your mind: 10% of the proceeds go to Servicemember’s Legal Defense Network and their seemingly endless struggle to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That means if you toss down $195 bucks for the “Black Propeller Ring,” SLDN gets a whopping $19.50!! Not only that, but you get the priceless privilege of wearing an ugly ring designed by a pretty boy.

Not buying it? No, we aren’t either…