Reichen’s Big Confession!

You may have heard that Reichen – the former Amazing Racer turned “activist” turned Lance Bass’ butt-buddy – has just released a book, Here’s What We’ll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out, and the US Air Force.

As is requisite for any celebrity (however pseudo) memoir, there’s a painful tale that Reichen’s never before disclosed.

Reichen’s comes in the form of a hazing-related sexual assault while at the Air Force academy. It seems that poor Reichen was snatched from his bed, blind folded and taken to a room where he was forced to do naked push-ups…into another cadets mouth! Speaking with ABC News, Reichen says, “I think it’s the first time that I’ve said that that happened… I’ve been ashamed of it.”

In preparation for our Totally Frightful Interview with Reichen (which will be posted later this week), we sat down to read said book and, yes, we read the scene in which he gets his wee-wee sucked. Reichen writes:

I was so sexually aroused, yet feeling so violated, that I didn’t know what to do. I struggled to move away from them but they held me tighter. The motjon of getting away felt so good between my lefs that I kept moving up and down. It only took me about two minutes to come, and when I did, the guy in front of me had turned his body somewhat so that my face was on his chest. I must have given him a hickey on his chest as I sucked on his skin while I came.

Not to discredit Reichen’s psychic trauma, it reads more like erotic fiction than emotional confession.

Despite the sensual undertones in the book, we’re sure the entire experience sucked…