Reichen’s Star Just Got A Little Brighter, Gayer

Lance Bass‘ ex-boyfriend, Reichen has landed himself a new gig. The former reality star and one-time memoirist has been signed to the here! network’s supernatural soap, Dante’s Cove. The gay channel’s celebratory press release reads:

On the show, Lehmkuhl will play Trevor, a business school graduate who comes to Dante’s Cove looking to find himself. While there, he becomes quickly intertwined with the beautiful men and enigmatic forces crawling all over the island. His close association with the immortal witch Grace (Tracy Scoggins) draws Trevor into a magical world and a dark battle he never could have imagined.

Will Trevor use his power for good or evil? We don’t know. Nor, quite frankly, do we care. We just want that sweet, sweet, eye-candy. Say what you will about him, but Reichen’s a fine ass man, as here! executive said: “He is the perfect triple threat for Dante’s Cove – he has a loyal fan base, he is proudly out, and he is simply gorgeous.”

That mystery man of his sure is lucky. And now he’ll get the poop on all the Dante’s happenings. What a fairytale!

If you don’t know about Dante’s Cove, watch the season two trailer, after the jump. Sure, it’s not well-acted, written or even directed (even the commercial’s narrator’s bad), the plot ventures far beyond absurdity, but it’s sincere and a bit of (very) guilty escapism in a self-serious world. Actually, it’s kind-of-amazing. In a not-so-amazing kind of way.

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