It’s Church versus State over in Europe, where the ever-precious Pope Benedict XVI rebuffed French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s gay diplomatic advances. Apparently Sarkozy hoped to appoint Jean Loup Kuhn-Delforge as his nation’s ambassador to the Vatican, but poor Jean’s of the gay persuasion and married to a man – and the Pope does not approve. He wants to be the biggest queen in the Vatican. [Andrew Sullivan and AG, which is in French.]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I guess French First Lady, Carla Bruni won’t be crooning for the Nazi Pope any time soon, either. I’m not sure how much trust we should put in homocon (ie the Homo that Cons) Andrew Sullivan who said “AIDS was Over”

    BTW – The New World Order called and told the Pope, “Not so fast, Benedict!”

  • JJ

    Here’s hoping I don’t sound deranged.

    Anyway, I think this is a terrific gesture by the French government. However, the Vatican has survived worse attacks from the forces of reason and survived.

    When I vacationed in Italy this summer, including in Rome, I was struck by the very diminished role religion plays in the life of everyday Italians. I think its going to be “out with a wimper” for the Roman Catholic Church.

    I wish church and state were separate in our own country. I guess they are, except for the red states.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Gotta agree with Seitan’s take on Sullivan. Here’s a guy who backed vociferously Bush because he supported the war, and now claims the market is in the shape it’s in because of over-regulation.

  • Brian Miller

    The Vatican can reject France’s ambassador, sure.

    Hopefully, France will respond by regretfully informing the Vatican that since it will not accept the French ambassador, the Vatican will not enjoy diplomatic relations with France.

    That would show some real boules on the part of the French president.

  • CitizenGeek

    This Pope is an epic dick. Simple as.

    I like Brian Miller’s wish that Sarkozy would cancel relations with the Vatican over this, but I doubt it. I wonder how the Vatican will cope with an openly gay French president like Bertrand Delanoe (who is favourite to secure the nomination from the Socialist Party and has a good chance of defeating the relatively unpopular Sarkozy)?

    P.S. That AG Magazine article is most definitely not French. It’s probably Spanish, perhpas Italian.

  • angus


  • Alco

    Just a precision, there is no such thing as gay marriage in France.

    There is a sort of contract (civil partnership) but it’s also opened to straight couples and offers way less rights than the actual marriage.

  • charlie

    Yes, AG is definitely in Spanish.

    JJ is right that religion apparently doesn’t play much of a part in the everyday life of most Italians. But it is part of the ingrained culture, mostly on the level of superstition or good luck. (Some southern Italian men still grab their balls when they see a priest in order to avoid the evil eye.)

    The Catholic Church, however, has enormous political influence in Italy and exerts this pervasive influence in the most pernicious ways. It engages in really underhanded and most probably illegal political intrigues and byzantine plots. Practically no Italian would be shocked by theories that the Church has been involved in political crimes, including the murder of prominent politicians.

    The Church is most vehemently against domestic partnerships or any other sort of legal recognition of the rights of gay people. The very best they can do is weakly encourage others not to kill or torture gay people; we’re more to be pittied because of our “sickness” and sin.

    But the Church in Italy isn’t against just gays. They continue their time-honored tradition of intollerance and struggle against all scientific and progressive thought. The last Pope denied parents the right to stop the feeding of a daughter who had been in an irreversible coma for decades. She still lingers on today, comatose in her hospital bed, way after the last Pope’s death. And there’s no hope at all for this Pope (the world’s oldest Nazi youth), who headed up the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the 20th century version of the Inquisition) before maneuvering himself into the papacy. Not surprisingly, he’s proven himself to be a strong voice for right-wing bigotry – even worse than the last Pope. He and his cadre of conservative cardinals and bishops are determined to squelch any progress that poor Italy might happen to achieve. No wonder Italy has sunken to the very bottom of the list of all Western democracies in practically every measurable aspect.

  • Puddy Katz

    What has happened to this world where editors cannot read French or even just see the difference between French and Spanish!

  • Brian Miller

    I like Brian Miller’s wish that Sarkozy would cancel relations with the Vatican over this, but I doubt it.

    Not cancel relations, just note how unfortunate it is that the Vatican has chosen to reject diplomatic relations by not receiving the French ambassador. Put the blame in the Vatican’s hands — if the Popey complains, just note that you’ve got an ambassador right here ready to head in at a moment’s notice but the Batty Vatty won’t take him.

  • logan767

    Are you kidding? Who rejects a country’s chosen ambassador. That’s outrageous.

  • Peter Pan

    His Holiness, Benedick XVI, of the Holy Sea is actually a crypto Jew. This is just the simple truth and not designed by me to stir the sh*t!

    The Hitler youth story is just a cover story (a good one at that).

    His Holiness, J Popo was a crypto Polish Jew who had a relationship with a women and had, at least, one child out of that relationship.

    The RK is full of crypto Jews btw.

    It’s true! Check it out for yourselves.

    BTW. Benedict X was openly gay. This Benedick, however, does not want a gay Ambassador in the Vatican ’cause he wants all the fresh, yummy Swiss Guards for herself!

    Urbi at Orbi.

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