Religion No Excuse For Gay Discrimination, Say CA Supremes

Note to California’s social conservatives: you need to get over yourselves. For the second time this year, the state’s Supreme Court came out for the gays. Who could forget, of course, the monumental marriage decision earlier this year. Well, this week brought another ruling, one which may not be as explosive, but definitely has larger implications.

It all began back in 2004, when lesbian Guadalupe Benitez asked her doctors to artificially inseminate her. Citing their religious beliefs, the medical “professionals” refused, which led to a lengthy lawsuit, various appeals and, finally, a showdown at the state’s Supreme Court. And the ruling will not doubt infuriate the religious right:

Doctors in California may not discriminate against gay patients on the basis of their religious beliefs, the state’s supreme court ruled on Monday.

In an unanimous decision the justices ruled that Benitez was entitled to be treated like other patients with the same condition, and that constitutional protections for religious liberty do not excuse unlawful discrimination.

Benitez took the news well, telling reporters, “This isn’t just a win for me personally and for other lesbian women. It’s a win for everyone.” Well, except the doctors who lost…