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Religion’s Biggest Fear Coming True in Britain: Kids Forced to Learn About Gays In School!


Not only will little boys and girls, beginning at age five, have to learn about their penises and vaginas, they’ll also learn about dating, relationships, and yes, gay marriage. But don’t worry: Learning about HIV and intercourse won’t arrive in the classroom until middle school.

Oh, but what if you attend Catholic school?

In England, with a school system that’s reportedly one-third composed of faith schools, sex ed will be permitted to be taught based on religious beliefs at those schools. That means students will have to be instructed about abortion and The Gays, but at the same time can be told both are sinful, terrible things.

Parents will have the option of opting their kids out of the lessons — what does “compulsory” mean, then? — but only through age 15, which means they’ll have one year of mandatory sex ed before they’re legally allowed to screw as a “consenting adult.” Hoorah!