Remember James Dobson

James Dobson’s comments on “fruit cake” Barack Obama have been getting a lot of play this week. Journo Jeffrey Feldman can’t help but wonder why the press hasn’t been taking a closer look at Dobson, who definitely qualifies as a bit nutty:

This week, right-wing pundit and leader of the ‘beat your children’ movement, Dr. James Dobson, accused Sen. Barack Obama of committing violence against Biblical teachings.

Despite Dobson being a best-selling self-help guru famous for advising parents to whip their children with sticks, every mainstream media outlet somehow managed to overlook this fact. Instead, media coverage of Dobson’s remarks stripped him any and all potential controversy with respect to his views on parenting and child beating, describing him instead with the vague and anodyne term ‘Evangelical.’

That one’s almost too easy…