Remember When Argentina, Which Just Said Yes to Gay Marriage, Was a Dictatorship?

Argentinian politicians acted in the face of “polls showing that nearly 70 percent of Argentines support giving gay people the same marital rights as heterosexuals.” That’s what is most striking here: this is not happening in some small Northern European country renown for its ahead-of-the-curve social progressivism (though gay marriage or civil unions are now the norm in Western Europe). Just as is true for Brazil, which I’ve written about before with regard to my personal situation, Argentina is a country with a fairly recent history of dictatorships, an overwhelmingly Catholic population (at least in name), and pervasive social conservatism, with extreme restrictions on abortion rights similar to those found on much of the continent. The Catholic Church in Argentina vehemently opposed the enactment of this law. But no matter. Ending discrimination against same-sex couples is understood as a matter of basic equality, not social progressivism, and it thus commands widespread support.

—Glenn Greenwald, an American living in exile in Brazil with his partner, on how countries not called “the United States” handle matters of basic equality [via]

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  • Sean

    Yes, but you neglect to mention that at least one of those dictatorships was the basis of a hit Broadway musical.


  • Ted B.

    While it may no-longer be a dictatorship, it’s hardly a democracy governed by the rule-of-law. The government is still free to confiscate your private pension and savings, your investment accounts and forcibly convert your bank account balance into worthless “Monopoly money”. They just refrain from knocking on your door in the middle of the night and taking you away…for now.

  • I Never Comment, But I Just Had To Say

    Oh Sean.

  • Mike

    Yes .. us Brits remember when they were a Dictatorship.

  • Paschal

    @Mike: Is that a reference to the Falklands War?

  • L.

    Glenn Greewald is cute.

  • Raphel

    @ Mike… what’s the deal? Britain was an empire that enslaved half the world….
    @Ted… you have no idea what you are talking about…Argentina is a very democratic country…in some ways….more than the US…

  • Julian

    First of all: Peron was never a dictator! He was elected president three (non-consecutive) times by legal, democratric elections.
    Second: as an Argentinean, I’m offended when people acuse my country (a truly, honest, open democracy) of being a place of chaos. We have struggle and lost many lives in the fight against real dictatorships and to accomplish our current goverment. Please, inform yourself on the current state of a country before talking about it.

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