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Remember When Harry Reid, Joe Lieberman + Carl Levin Voted For Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

The year was 1993. Joe Lieberman was still caucusing with Democrats. He was five years into his gig as a junior senator. He had not yet gone after President Clinton for that Monica Lewinsky thing. His dreams of running as Al Gore’s vice presidential candidate were not yet realized. That is when he, along with still-sitting senators John Kerry, Herb Kohl, Daniel Akaka, ?Kent Conrad, ?Chris Dodd, ?Dianne Feinstein, ?Tom Harkin, Lisa Murkowski, Daniel Inouye, Jay Rockefeller, Frank Lautenberg, ?Carl Levin, ?Patty Murray,
?Mark Pryor, Harry Reid, Barbara Mikulski, and ?Patrick Leahy all voted to make Don’t Ask Don’t Tell a law. On Saturday, they all voted against it. [via]