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Remember When Richard Socarides Helped Bill Clinton Deflect Criticism of Traditional Marriage?


The President is aware that many communities and institutions are considering whether basic benefits can be provided outside the context of traditional marriage. The challenge in addressing these issues is to remain sensitive to the values of our communities while preserving the fundamental right to live free from unjustified discrimination.

—Richard Socarides (pictured, fourth from left), in yet another talking points memo issued for his then-bosses in the Clinton administration, and one he refuses to acknowledge in his hypocrisy in now targeting the Obama administration for defending laws like DOMA. A funny thing for a guy who just today writes, “Let’s be clear: this is not an argument about public opinion polls, political environments, or even what motivates the anti-gay movement – we’re talking about a basic civil right.” So back in the 90s, it wasn’t a basic civil right? [via]