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Remember When the Gays Hated Prop 8 Judge Vaughn Walker?


Because, once upon a time, they did. “Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated San Francisco corporate lawyer Vaughn Walker as a federal judge and ran into a wave of local opposition. Gay rights advocates were seething about Walker’s representation of the U.S. Olympic Committee in a lawsuit that prevented a local group from calling its athletic competition the Gay Olympics. To secure legal fees, he attached a lien to the home of Tom Waddell, the group’s AIDS-stricken founder, and removed the lien only after Waddell died. Other foes cited his membership in the all-male Olympic Club or simply questioned why the city needed another white male pillar of the establishment on the bench. It took nearly two years – and two renominations by Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush – for the Senate to confirm him.” Then again, maybe the dude is family?