School's In

Rent Comes to Corona Del Mar High. And So Does Gay Pride


Students at Corona Del Mar High School finally paid the Rent on Friday, as the school production of the hit musical took the stage after months of haggling with administrators over whether it was too gay, which Queerty was the first to report. But just as the drama department was about to celebrate a victory, word came the crazies in the Westboro Baptist Church planned on making Corona Del Mar their stomping ground for an afternoon of “God Hates Fags” fun. Too bad that when school let out and the building’s doors opened, the Westboro troupe was overwhelmed by the flood of gay-loving students, who decided to showcase their own brand of demonstration: One in support of gays. Just a small message to the other schools around the nation still wondering whether Rent will poison kids’ minds. (Photo: Jay Krift)