Rentboy Scandal Causes The Sexytime Mayor Of Medford, NJ To Resign

Married father of two and Republican mayor of Medford, New Jersey Chris Myers resigned today saying, “My work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead. It’s time to pass the baton, and allow others to take the reins.” Yeah… umm… what he did not mention though was that his current work commitments include denying an online photo of himself in undies posted one month ago by by a vengeful rentboy.

Originally Myers said the image was Photoshopped (uh-huh). But company representatives from Myers’ former employer Lockheed Martin said Myer’s rentboy scandal caused workplace distractions, forcing Myers to leave the company as of Deccember 1st. It also turns out that Myers has missed or postponed all but one council meeting since the undie pic became public knowledge.

The $500 rentboy used to have an entire bitchy website calling out Myers for not giving him a car like he promised, but the site has since gone offline. And even though Myers categorically denied the allegations, we’re gonna go ahead and say that rentboy scandal probably didn’t help encourage Myers to face scrutiny in office much longer.

What an unfortunate schmuck.

Via Towleroad

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  • Harry

    Block that metaphor!

  • slanty

    Is he passing the batons or the reins? I think I missed something in that metaphor.

  • bagooka

    @slanty: By “passing the baton,” I think he means grabbing his penis.

  • Marie Cohn

    His fashion-forward designer briefs are, um, not age-appropriate. He needs a stylist.

  • B

    At the risk of guessing with insufficient data (never hired a rentboy), the whole thing sounds fishy – you don’t order “room service” from and expect to have to give the stud who shows up a car as a tip. Possibly the rent boy found out that this guy was the mayor of a town and didn’t know that this is a small town with a mayor who is appointed by other members of the council, not some well-funded guy who has run an expensive campaign to get himself elected. Medford has a population of about 23,000 and its council meets every other week (its considered a “township”, not a “city”).

    It all sounds like a shakedown/extortion attempt.

    Re No 4: It’s not his age – he simply needs more reps in a gym to look good wearing
    those. They’d look just fine if he had a six pack (thqt is, if you like the color).

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