Also, Not Knowing Market Value Of Blowjob

Rep. Allen Arrested For Gay Solicitation

As if John McCain’s campaign doesn’t have enough problems!

Florida state representative and registered Republican Bob Allen – who serves as the McCain campaign’s Florida co-chair – got nabbed yesterday after soliciting a blow job from a copper:

Representative Robert “Bob” Allen was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with solicitation for prostitution.

Titusville police say Allen was acting suspiciously at Veteran’s Memorial Park by going in and out of the men’s restroom. And that’s where police say Allen offered to perform a sex act on a male undercover officer for $20.

Twenty bones for a little head? That’s ridiculous. No self-respecting hooker would blow that man for less than $25!

Allen, who has a child and wife, made no immediate comment. His lawyer, who suspiciously didn’t want to be identified, said, “”We would hope that everyone takes into consideration Mr. Allen’s history of public service (and) that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” Ah yes, his public service record. Joe.My.God tells us a little something about Allen’s work. For example, Allen pushed for a Lewd and Lecivious Behavior Act, which would prohibit public masturbation, as well as a Sexual Predator act. The predator act, Allen said, would help “get away from all those expensive law-enforcement time-wasting factors by simply going straight to the root of the problem, and that is the offender…” Could it be he wanted to save his ass? Not that it matters, neither act passed.

Upon his release on a $500 bond, Allen denied the charges, claiming it’s all a big misunderstanding:

Very big misunderstanding…that’s what the judicial system’s for. These guys did their job, but I’m not in any way associated with what they’re saying and this is disgusting.

It sure is, Mr. Allen – but not for the charges…

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  • Bloggernista

    What’s with all of the Republican sex scandals lately? It used to be that the Democrats had scandals around sex and the Republican scandals were all about money. No the greedy Republicans are proving to as immoral as they accused everyone else of being.

  • finocchio

    “police say Allen offered to perform a sex act on a male undercover officer for $20.”

    He was offering to pay to give a bj!

  • abelincoln

    >>Republicans are proving to as immoral

  • abelincoln

    There is nothing immoral about asking for or paying for sex. Being a hypocrite is what is immoral.

  • Matt

    abelincoln is correct, of course. What makes this and other recent Repub sex scandals so delicious is not their simple human needs and weaknesses, but the unveiling of their hypocrisy. At some point it will become very hard for the conservatives and fundies to preach about Moral Values without their listeners wondering just what the speaker is trying to hide. Once they’ve lost credibility, they’ll crawl back into their holes for a while, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

  • dizzyspins

    “Once they’ve lost credibility, they’ll crawl back into their holes for a while, and we’ll all live happily ever after.”

    Im afraid that’s wishful thinking. Entire religions have survived millennia in the face of blatant hypocrisy.

    Im glad Allen got busted–one less Republican in the world. But are we really criticizing him for trying to pass a law making it illegal to masterbate in public? Jesus, are we as pathetic as the right claims we are? Its not you god-given, inalienable right to whack off in a park.

  • GoodBuddy

    I was reading the comments section on the Orlando Sentinel posting of this. The comment

    ‘The party of “Family Values” strikes again!
    GOP = Gay Old Perverts’

    seemed to amuse them. I don’t know if this amuses me or not.

    Almost all well know (at least at the national level) gay male politicians have come out as the result of some scandal. The late Steven Endean (founder of the Human Rights Campaign Fund) used to say that Capital Hill was one of the cruisiest places in the world. He attributed that to the fact that gay men were more likely to be involved in politics since they had fewer family obligations to keep them from the total commitment that campaigning requires. At the same time, it was one of the most closeted places on earth. Sort of like Hollywood, when you have hundreds of people who want every position, why take on the one with any baggage?

    Too bad he can’t be a bisexual. Of course, there would still be that cheating on his wife and child thing.

  • Paul Raposo

    “No self-respecting hooker would blow that man for less than $25!”

    I once knew a man who had been a hustler. He use to charge $60 to give head, but $80 to get it. Surprisingly, he gave very few bj’s.

    “That’s all those closet cases want, man, they want that cock in their mouth. They wanna taste that dick so bad, they’ll pay for it!”


  • Heather_L_James

    Word, dizzyspins. The fact that the Catholic church is still around after all the scandal illustrates your point. Notice that these men, more often than not, get caught with hookers, and not outed in a loving relationship. I don’t think the moron majority squirms as much as you think every time one of these “gay scandals” takes place. Yes, one of their flock has fallen away from the word, but it gives them the perfect pulpit to preach about the evils of homosexuality. I.E., “brother Ted isn’t inherently gay, the devil got his claws on him, and if we hadn’t been so permissive of homosexuality in the first place it might have happened”. Things like this just give the right another opportunity to portray our community as a bunch of seemly sex addicts willing to do anything for a fix.

  • Matt

    I totally agree, dizzyspins. I need to find an emoticon for “bitter sarcasm”! And no, there’s no Constitutional right to pleasure oneself in public places (god knows there are fewer and fewer Constitutional rights these days in any case). The irony is that someone so dedicated to public morals and decency gets picked up hanging around a mens room looking for dicks to suck. (Of course, his no-public-masturbation law, we should all note, did not prohibit soliciting blowjobs.)

  • Jack Jett

    I never give a cop more than 10 bucks for a BJ.

    They usually have little dicks, and small scrotums.

    Jack Jett

  • stonerboy711

    Well, I bet if they had one of that fancy toliets like they want in Fort Lauderdale, this good man of faith would have never been tempted by those evil homofuxuals. Also, after those Padres invited fags to their baseball game their evil has spread faster than lesbian gangbangers on a virgin christian pussy. He isn’t at fault, god will forgive him, but all fags must die for his sin first.

  • nycstudman

    Whoa, you couldn’t pay me enough money to have to see that fat ugly bag of shit on his knees in front of me with his slobbery mouth around my manmeat. Poor cop must have been traumatized.

  • Stenar

    This is nothing new. Republicans have always been “immoral.” They’re just more sanctimonious about it.

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