Also, Not Knowing Market Value Of Blowjob

Rep. Allen Arrested For Gay Solicitation

As if John McCain’s campaign doesn’t have enough problems!

Florida state representative and registered Republican Bob Allen – who serves as the McCain campaign’s Florida co-chair – got nabbed yesterday after soliciting a blow job from a copper:

Representative Robert “Bob” Allen was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with solicitation for prostitution.

Titusville police say Allen was acting suspiciously at Veteran’s Memorial Park by going in and out of the men’s restroom. And that’s where police say Allen offered to perform a sex act on a male undercover officer for $20.

Twenty bones for a little head? That’s ridiculous. No self-respecting hooker would blow that man for less than $25!

Allen, who has a child and wife, made no immediate comment. His lawyer, who suspiciously didn’t want to be identified, said, “”We would hope that everyone takes into consideration Mr. Allen’s history of public service (and) that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” Ah yes, his public service record. Joe.My.God tells us a little something about Allen’s work. For example, Allen pushed for a Lewd and Lecivious Behavior Act, which would prohibit public masturbation, as well as a Sexual Predator act. The predator act, Allen said, would help “get away from all those expensive law-enforcement time-wasting factors by simply going straight to the root of the problem, and that is the offender…” Could it be he wanted to save his ass? Not that it matters, neither act passed.

Upon his release on a $500 bond, Allen denied the charges, claiming it’s all a big misunderstanding:

Very big misunderstanding…that’s what the judicial system’s for. These guys did their job, but I’m not in any way associated with what they’re saying and this is disgusting.

It sure is, Mr. Allen – but not for the charges…