Rep. Chris Lee Shows How The Beltway Unfairly Discriminates Against Straight Lawmakers

Rep. Christopher Lee, the New York Republican who resigned yesterday three hours after his Craigslist trolling became public, was warned by senior GOP members (e.g. Speaker John Boehner) to stop partying with lady lobbyists just months before the freshman lawmaker’s attempt at an extramarital liaison was exposed. And to think, Rep. Eric Massa still enjoyed several weeks of his congressional career before resigning in March 2010 over allegations his tickled a male aid. And Rep. Larry Craig got several more months of government pay before leaving office when his term was up after being accused of soliciting sex from a dude in an airport bathroom. But Rep. Lee is pressured to leave office just hours after his scandal? Where there was no evidence he even stepped outside his marriage, beyond the Internet flirting? The straights are totally being discriminated against! Somebody propose a House resolution to rectify this matter.