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Rep. Duncan D. Hunter Still Trying To Stop ‘Transgenders And Hermaphrodites’ From Serving

California’s Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, will stupidly introduce legislation next week to halt the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Don’t worry, the bill isn’t going anywhere, and is really just a chance for Hunter — who previously spoke out about how repeal will enable “hermaphrodites” and “transgenders” to serve — to beat the drum of the conservative base. But in case you care Hunter, a Marine who served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, wants to require each of the four military branch chiefs to sign off on repeal before it is certified, rather than just Obama, Gates, and Mullen. Apparently he’s got the support of up to 20 Republican colleagues, though I can’t imagine Speaker John Boehner wants to drag himself into this. (But: Maybe he does!) In the meantime can’t anti-gay Republicans rest easy knowing that they can still get gay soldiers kicked out of the military for having The Sex? (NB: Jesus, go back and listen to this man’s interview. HE IS AWFUL.)

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