Rep. Jared Polis Hails Obama’s Gay-Rights Record, Asks America To Respect LGBT Families

Addressing the Democratic National Convention, out gay Rep. Jared Polis, (D-CO) said the America he believes in is one in which “playing by the rules and working hard”—not praying to the right God or loving the right person—entitles you to the American Dream.

In an impassioned speech Tuesday night in Charlotte, Polis praised President Obama’s groundbreaking support of the LGBT community, from the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to his status as “the first sitting president in American history to show his personal support for same-sex marriage.”

In an evening of engaging rhetoric, Polis called for unity—even between the political parties: “I don’t just ask my fellow Americans to respect my relationship with my partner Marlon and my role as a father to our son. I also ask them to respect the Christian family concerned about decaying moral values and crass commercialism…  We celebrate Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs, even Republicans, because this is their future, too.”