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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Who Wants to Destroy D.C.’s Marriage, Is The Son of a Gay Romance Author

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz (pictured), the Utah Republican who’s (stupidly) threatening to repeal D.C.’s gay marriage law, and the man who calls global warming a “farce,” just happens to be the son of John Chaffetz. The author. Who wrote a book called Gay Reality; The Team Guido Story, an all-encompassing book about the love shared between Bill Bartek and Joe Baldassare. Heh.

Published in 2003, Team Guido “showed mainstream America that gay couples are not only charismatic, but also that they can be stable, loyal and devoted, with longevity,” wrote Genre. Gay mystery novelist Christopher Rice remarked the book is about a “welcome down-to-earth couple, between the buffed up boys of Queer as Folk and the campy histrionics of Will and Grace. Their long term relationship should be of value to any young gay man in search of level headed role models and a sense of their community.”

John Chaffetz says he wrote the book to promote tolerance, and to “invoke thought by all readers, should they hear a friend, relative or close family member is gay or lesbian.” Like father, not like son.