Rep. Jeff Landry Wants To Kill U of LA’s LGBT Studies Minor, His Gay Brother Doesn’t

Studies show people are more likely to be comfortable with the LGBT community if they have gay friends or family. So why is it every time we hear from some homophobic loudmouth, he’s got a gay relative telling him where to stick it.

Maybe it’s God’s way of keeping them on their toes?

We reported how Rep. Joe Landry (R-LA) was in a snit over the University of Louisiana’s recently approved LGBT studies minor. Even though the program essentially costs nothing and is obviously voluntary, Landry claimed his alma mater was “[failing] to provide an economic benefit to the participants or financial sense for the taxpayer.”

Tell that to the parents of a philosophy major.

Well it turns out you don’t have to go far to find the fruit in Landry’s family tree: His brother Nicholas, a New Orleans event planner, is openly gay—and none-too-pleased with Jeff’s academic bigotry. Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page:

“Taking a moment from my vacation to send a message to my brother, Jeffrey M Landry/ Congressman Jeff Landry: In reference to your recent quest to remove the LGBT minor from the UL curriculum, I want to state my opposition publicly. Ignorance is not education.

Your constituents, heterosexual and homosexual alike, have made huge inroads in working towards equality in our community. By embracing diversity and acknowledging our differences, we gain understanding. Understanding is education.”

In response, the right-wing, anti-choiceMuslimphobe simply said, “To my brother. I am sorry we disagree, but we still love and pray for you.”Hmm, if this is Jeff’s definition of love we might want to take a look at his diploma. We have a sneaking suspicion it’s written on Silly Putty.

Source: The Rude Pundit via Truth Wins Out