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Rep. John Lewis’ Awesome Smackdown of Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Ridiculous Pro-DADT Speech

MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell, whose spiked ratings prove I’m not the only one falling in love with this guy, is not done harping on Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert’s disgusting attack on gay servicemembers. Gohmert, who previously made the case that keeping DADT will keep gays’ hormones in check, was appropriately countered by Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who told his colleagues, “Vote yes, because every American deserves the right to serve their country. … Vote yes, because it is the right thing to do.” As we know, more lawmakers agreed with Lewis.

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  • kernelt

    yes, the soldiers are fought for the flag mark this great nation, nothing else.

  • kityglitr

    @kernelt: Dude, whatever. I’m a native Georgian and most times I am horribly ashamed of the news that comes out of that state. For the first time in a LONG time, I feel proud to have been born in Georgia.

  • T

    I am very proud to hear what John Lewis said. He really got it right. As for Gohmert I have to wonder how such a narrow minded and insulting person got elected. In one speech he insulted the LGBT community, the intelligence for those doing the DADT survey, the will of the American people, and our allies who have opened up their military to gay soldiers.

  • JR

    @T. Gohmert got elected because he’s from Texas. As much as I love my home state, it is filled unfortunaly with conservative Southern Baptists and other such homophobes. Trying to change their minds is an uphill battle, but we are making some steps in the larger cities such as Dallas, Houston and Austin.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Why isn’t John Lewis the Democratic leader? What’s with all these wimps the Dems keep nominating as leader?

  • McMike

    OK, can someone please name me one country that crumbled after allowing gays to serve? It’s unreal homophobes have to resort to lying 24/7.

  • T

    @JR: I understand how it can be. You have my best wishes on making changes. One day we will all know equality.

  • B

    No. 6 · McMike wrote, “OK, can someone please name me one country that crumbled after allowing gays to serve?” Ancient Greece comes to mind (but remember that “after” does not mean “because of”).

    Rome crumbled too, with approval of homosexuality varying over the years (in particular going down about the time the Christians took over although that may not have been the main factor – Rome was basically overextended).

  • Joe

    @McMike: I think he’s referring to the Roman Empire. Possibly…I’m not sure though.

  • PatrickB

    Where are the vote Republican/vote Green/don’t vote trolls? The outgoing majority in the House has been the most pro-gay ever. Does anyone seriously think that our civil rights are going to move forward after Congress turns over?

  • tinkerbell

    @B: Exactly how many years “after” allowing gays to serve in their military did the various city states of ancient Greece fall? How long was it after Rome allowed gays to serve was it before the empire collapsed? I think it was hundreds of years.

    Christianity was much more poignantly timed to the collapse of Rome than homosexuality was. I think Christianity and religion leads to the demise of western civilization.

  • johnny

    Ancient Greece never “allowed” gays to serve. The Greeks saw homosexual sex as a way for a mature man to pass on his wisdom and benefit of experience to a youth. It was part of their culture, not something that was legislated by an Act of Congress.

  • Sophie

    Louie Gohmert is an embarrassment to this country. A while back he was on AC360 yelling about “terror babies.” It saddens me to see how such an unintelligent, bigoted jerk ever got elected. As for Lewis, good for him.

  • oldgayvermonter

    Perhaps a more telling indicator of the coming end of our empire is when American citizens willingly elect folks like Mr Gohmert to a position higher than dogcatcher. And my apologies, in advance, to any offended dogcatchers.

  • Soupy

    Oh B, if you think Greek and Roman civilizations fell because of homosexuality, you have no historical knowledge whatsoever.

  • drums

    @Sophie: I’m not American and I don’t know all of the high profile politicians there, but I do remember the “terror babies” interview. Thank you for reminding me. That douchebag is full of irrational hatred based solely on lies. Why does he have a job?

    And Rep. Lewis’s amazing speech almost brought a tear to my eye.

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