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Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Beautiful Defense Of DADT: It Helps Gays Control Their Hormones

When you’ve got Family Research Council chief Tony Perkins claiming, in the Washington Post, that homosexuality is a “self-destructive behavior” that “adults may engage” just like “alcohol, drugs, reckless driving, or heterosexual activity outside of marriage,” it’s no wonder that guests on his Washington Watch Weekly radio program feel welcome to make the same illogical arguments. Like Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert just did!

On Friday’s program, Gohmert told Perkins, “Some people say, ‘Where is homosexuality in violation of the Ten Commandments?’ Well it’s adultery, it’s sexual relations outside of marriage, a man and a woman ….. specifically for the military, when anyone, whether their homosexual or heterosexual, cannot control their hormones to the point that they are distraction[s] to the good order and discipline of the military, then they need to be removed from the military.”

But we should come to expect these things from Rep. Gohmert. This is the same man who takes to the House floor to defend the military’s right to belittle homos. [Wonkroom]

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  • the crustybastard

    Adultery is having sex with somebody who is not your spouse; therefore, unmarried people cannot commit adultery. Unmarried people fornicate. Fornication is not in the Top Ten.

    According to Jesus, remarriage is de facto adultery.

    Thus, according to Christian Representative Gohmert, remarried people should be properly disqualified from military service for violating the Ten Commandments.


  • Soupy

    Didn’t I see Anderson Cooper make a fool of him before on CNN?

  • Dallas David

    I’m a Hindu. The Bible applies to me as much as Sanskrit writing do to Babtists.
    So wtf are they talking about?

  • hf2hvit

    Why do right-wingers love adultery and adulterers so much? You don’t see them throwing confirmed, admitted, and often repeat adulterers out of office or out of their party.


  • Jeffree

    So Gohmert thinks the military should be run according to the Old Testament’s Ten commandments? What about the one about not killing? Um, isn’t that part of what the military does?

    He also conveniently forgets that Jesus said to the adulteress: “Go & s.i.n no more….” so he clearly (well, per the new Testament) had a position on *that*…(Somehow many churches seem to forget that !) Did he say that to a lesbian or a gay man ?
    I don’t think so….!

  • Ryan

    So wait, he considers any sex outside of heterosexual married sex to be adultery? So that means he’s for kicking out unmarried straight soliders who have live-in girlfriends or illegitimate children, right? Right? Why does no one confront these idiots on the obvious logical failures?

  • ewe

    I kind of can’t do anything more than laugh at this nonsense. Now it is crystal clear why our government is completely out of touch. May i suggest he take the dildo he is sitting on out of his ass? He needs to use some of his own hormones in his brain for a change.

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