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Rep. Mark Kirk Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny He’s a (Sometimes) Anti-Gay Homosexual

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony if Rep. Mark Kirk, the Illinois Republican running for Roland Burris’ U.S. Senate seat, was kicked out of the Navy Reserves under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — the very policy he tried to keep around?

While most attention thrown Kirk’s way has to do with his pulling a Richard Blumenthal and, let’s say, “overstating” his military record, there’s also the lingering fact that Kirk — who’s voted for ENDA and against constitutionally banning gay marriage — might be a ‘mo. Fueling the rumors: Kirk’s non-denials.

WGN-TV reporter Randi Belisomo asked Kirk about the “outing” after his meeting with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Thursday afternoon. The five-term North Shore congressman was at the Tribune to answer questions about a series of errors surrounding his 21-year record as a Navy reservist.

While not directly denying claims about his sexuality, Kirk offered that people might be confused because of his recent divorce. He told Belisomo that he hopes to remarry someday. Kirk has no children and divorced his wife Kimberly Vertolli last year.

Oh, Mr. Kirk. If you hope to remarry one day, you do realize you’re going to have to help us knock down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, right? ‘Cause that’s something your opponent Alexi Giannoulias says he’s committed to doing.

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