Rep. Sara Stevens: ‘Today Is a Very Good Day to Make History’

Rep. Sara Stevens testifying on the Maine House floor (rush transcript): “The only argument I can come up with to oppose this bill is economics. … If this bill passes and we make history today, I have no idea how I’m going to afford … the shear number of wedding gifts I’m going to have to buy. (laughter) So I have decided today to let everyone know that my wedding gift to everyone is my vote today. Fourty years from now, or a 100 years from now, I want my grandchildren (tearing up), my great grand chidlren to know that i stood on the right side of history. and when history classes debate this, and they think about what happened way back when in maine, that they also think ‘i hope i stand up on the right side of history’. … I look at this cold spring day, and I say on behalf of my very supportive community … today is a very good day to make history.”