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Rep. Todd Akin Had No Problem With Gays In The Military, So Long As Their ‘Gayness’ Didn’t Get In The Way

Missouri’s Republican Rep. Todd Akin, a veteran who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, still doesn’t understand what the big fuss about about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was all about! Just like John McCain, Akin thinks the law was working just fine! “There is a misunderstanding,” he tells Fox News. “If people are gay, they can serve in the military now. It’s just that they can’t allow their ‘gayness’ to get in the way of getting the mission done.” And, uh, they won’t, and never did.

Adds Akin: “The way the policy works now, if somebody’s gay that’s not a problem. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of their performing their job. But if it starts to become a big issue, then you have the ability to basically remove the person from service. Now, when you repeal that, what then do the rules become? Somebody can be openly gay, well to what degree?” TO THE NTH DEGREE!

(NB: Akin seems to applaud Marine chief Gen. James Amos for having “stuck his neck out politically” in opposing repeal, which is sort of funny: since when did politicians like military leaders involving themselves in lawmakers’ jobs?)