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Rep. Virginia Foxx Insists: Matthew Shepard Wasn’t Murdered For Being Gay

Dear Rep. Virginia Foxx: You are a moron. Speaking on the House floor today as Congress weighs whether to enact a trans-inclusive hates crimes bill dubbed The Matthew Shepard Act, Rep. Foxx (R.-North Carolina) decided to rewrite history: “We know that young man was killed in the middle of a robbery. It wasn’t because he was gay. The bill was named for him, but it’s really a hoax.” No, Rep. Foxx, your logic is a hoax.

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  • walt zipprian

    She’s just lying and hoping nobody calls her on it.

    Lying liar.

  • Nickadoo

    She’s a piece of work, this one.

    According to Wikipedia:

    “In September 2005, Foxx was one of 11 members of Congress to vote against the $51 billion aid package to victims of Hurricane Katrina. She was also one of only 33 Republicans to vote against the extension of the Voting Rights Act in July 2006. In the lame duck session of 2006, she introduced H.J.RES.96, a joint resolution praising the Christmas tree industry.”

    Where do they find these people?!

  • andy

    Who is the “we” she is talking about when she say “we know..”. She really should be called out for this lie on the floor.

  • Geoff

    This is disgusting, especially coming from an elected official in this day and age. She should be ashamed.

  • Bruno

    If this were the UK or France, she’d be convicted of hate speech. Evil BIGOT can’t outdo Bachmann in the crazy department, no matter how hard she tries.

  • Paul

    Give this fine young lady a call, won’t ya?

    Rep. Fox’s offices:
    Phone: (202) 225-2071
    Phone: (336) 778-0211
    Phone: (828) 265-0240

  • Bruno


    Um, yeah, everything you just said is exactly what your pathetic “league” of (two?) people are trying to do: make the oppressors look like victims. You’re losing, too bad, so sad, BIGOT.

  • Patrick

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Wow. What you said reminded me of something I read the other day, claiming that Christians were the victims of Homosexuals.

    First off, how can you even compare me to someone in NAMBLA? Not all Homosexuals are supporters of NAMBLA. To even attempt to make this association would be the same as me making the claim that since a lot of pedophiles are straight, all straights are supportive of that. Have you considered the fact that the reason NAMBLA is not part of our “campaign” is because most sane, rational people can support pedophilia? It has nothing to do with the gender or orientation of the pedophile.

    Second, you claim that it is a myth that people are born gay. While it may be true that some people aren’t born gay, I do feel that some are. Myself being one of them. Yes, when some people are sexually abused as children that can affect their sexual orientation, but that is more often the case with women who were sexually abused by men who because of that abuse feel they cannot trust men. But abuse victims aside (and if you want I will be more than happy to discuss with you while gay men may be more prone to sexual abuse as a child), I was never a victim of sexual abuse until long after I identified as being gay. I was raised in the exact same environment as my brother, who is straight and happily married, so please, enlighten me about what happened to turn me gay.

  • California John

    Can someone please remove HeteroDefenseLeague’s posts. I think they are offensive. What is he doing on a gay blog anyway? It’s like a Nazi posting to a Jewish forum, or a KKK posting on the NAACP’s website. It’s offensive and clearly wrong.

  • Bruno


    I know you are, but what am I? Good defense, HeteroDefenseLeague.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    You folks are engaging HDL on the wrong level. He is not meant to be taken seriously. You should be laughing at him, not trying to debate him. He’s just a parrot.

  • Bruno


    Well, I’m laughing at him, at least. As I do any of these “victims” of the “culture war” that we’ve already won.

  • benwa

    why is there so much hate on this site someone is not doing their job

  • RyanInSacto

    I have one question for you. If you can answer it well, then you can perhaps explain away the homophobia of Matthew Shepard’s murder. The question is this: IF Shepard was killed merely as part of a run-of-the-mill robbery instead of a hate-fueled act of terror, then why did the killers drive him out to the country, tie him to a fence and leave him to suffer instead of just offing him right away? Explain please.

  • Bill S

    Please stop feeding the troll, folks.

  • RyanInSacto

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: You ask,”Why do male homosexuals perpetrate 3 TIMES more child molestations per capita than heterosexuals?!” Cite your source for this statistic.

  • sal

    @Bill S: amen

  • Michael G


    The Stonewall platform calls for lowered age of consent laws because of the inequality in state laws for consensual sex between minors. Straight teenagers can screw each other from 16 and up without it being considered rape. But if a 16 year old gay guy has sex with an 18 year old gay guy, the 18 year old can be tried as a rapist even though there was consent from both parties. Stonewall is merely seeking fairness in the law.

    Stonewall is not advocating child rape. I don’t know any gay or lesbian that advocates NAMBLA or pedophilia. Equating homosexual desire with a desire to have sex with children is a red herring used by bigots like yourself to deny rights to gays and lesbians. You are the predator.

  • Tara

    Let the statements stand I say. They are a testament to the ideas and ideals of those who hate us. If we plug our ears and pretend they do not exist then we lose. We need to be uncomfortable in order to be reminded to act.

  • sal

    @RyanInSacto: he is not here to make points,just to rile you up enough to give him the time of day

  • brilliantgreen

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: When citing precedence you need to include WHERE you got the information from, not just the information, that is something you should have learned in elementary school. So where is this information coming from, the source?

  • walt zipprian

    Why is this liar allowed to post here? This is just like that fanofgrendal asshole who screwed up the jossip site.

    This is pure hate.

    I don’t have a problem with opposing points of view but this guy is fucking lying and what he is writing is fucking hateful.

    where the fuck are the moderators on this site?
    I mean, FUCK

    Everybody knows that christians are five times more likely to molest children than anybody else.

  • brilliantgreen

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Also Regent University is a Christian University, which is obviously bias. So can you cite from one which does not already condemn individuals based on their existence, a group which is unbiased perhaps?

  • myrios123

    I think we need to order some more “re-birth” control pills. The “heterodefenseleague”? seriously? Is that anything like the “he-man-woman-haters club” from the little rascals? If you are going to site new studies from your sources, please take the time to read _Privilege, Power, and Difference_ 2nd Edition by Allan G. Johnson.

  • walt zipprian


    Listen Tom, my anger comes from being lied about.

    Where do you get your information?

    The pedophilia accusation is just a lie. How much money has the catholic church had to lay out over the years for their tacit approval of the molestation of children?

    You are the hatemonger. You are probably the pedophile too.

    You are certainly a liar.

    A long winded liar with no footnotes, but a liar none the less.

    Why don’t you go back to redstate and have a good laugh with all your other obese, lonely, hate spewers about how riled up you got the “queers”.

  • brilliantgreen

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Stop dancing around the topic HDL and answer the questions people are asking you. :D Where exactly is it that all of this information is coming from: who is the publisher? what is the media format? If you think you are going to lose any more “credibility” then just stop posting because it is annoying to the rest of us who use this website. Thanks.

  • tropos

    QUEERTY EDITORS – please do your job and remove heteroblahblah’s posts – the guy is just a troll who is invading this site to rile up the regular readers.
    Do you guys ever moderate?

  • walt zipprian

    I’m done with queerty.


  • The Gay Numbers

    Keep the hate speech around. We need to know the enemy. Besides this poster is so fuck ing out there, that he or she reps 10 percent of the population. There are always going to be a percentage of bigots out there. The key thing is to realize who they are.

  • Cam

    No. 7 · HeteroDefenseLeague, first of all, if you want people to take you seriously you need to calm down, I can practically hear you foaming at the mouth just from your typing. If you get TOO upset about gay issues, people will just assume that you are panicked because deep down you know you are gay,are freaking out about it, and think that if you go on anti-gay rants it will convince people that you are straight.

    As for the reason Matthew Sheppard was killed. Hey, if they didn’t kill him for being gay then I guess they shouldn’t have used that as the reason in their confessions and in the court case. Why should we doubt it when it was the murderers who told us that it was the reason? So seriously, look at the confession and trial transcripts. The killers have to reason to try to make things better for gays. They gave their reasons for doing what they did, they said it was because he was gay. So deal with it.

  • myrios123

    @ HeteroDefenseLeague: I don’t have a problem with the idea of Christianity, but I do have a problem with people who claim to be Christians and label me a pedophile, morally evil, or telling me that by my getting rights that his or her rights are diminished. I certainly do not need to defend my soul to you.

    I’m not looking for you to tolerate me. Accept me Just as I am… without one plea. This is a site that I read to further my rights. I’m certain if I started posting my pro-civil-rights ammunition on a traditionally Christian blog, I would be banned and prayed for.

  • Smokey Martini


    If you want to get rid of HDL, just flag his comments (i.e. click on the [Flag?] button beside the @Reply button.) His comments will magically disappear!

  • TANK

    HDL is just flabby fatty fat fat who got turned down at the bars one too many times and is here to exact his reveng for making him sexually frustrated.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I forgot to mention- that bitch is crazy.

  • sal

    i say everytime you see his name ,skip it….he’s made up his mind,he hates up, simple case closed now lets move on and to all who work yourself up,dont,keep your eye on da prize and the real chances and dialogue for movement

  • sal

    he hate us*..error lol

  • RyanInSacto

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: You’re trolling. Removing you from this forum actually preserves the forum. You know how we can tell that you’re a troll?
    1.) Your posts are overlong. This suggests that you’re copying and pasting things here (and probably in other forums).
    2.) You avoid answering some questions (like my question about Matt Shepard’s murder) and dissemble when you do answer questions. Examples: the journal article you cited to me does NOT conclude that homosexuals are 3 times more likely to molest. You pulled that out of thin air.
    3.) You cite non-peer reviewed “research.”
    4.) You write inflammatory posts full of name-calling and then moan and wail when someone suggests that you are being a bad citizen of this forum.

  • Lance Rockland

    Someone needs to **** this bitch! I’m sorry. I’m sick of this homophobic bullshit. How much more can we take?! These vermin want us to die? Then I want them to die!

  • AlwaysGay

    Kick HateroDefenseLeague off the site. This person wants to impose himself or herself on us like most haterosexuals want to do that’s why he/she keeps coming back responding to every post.

    The Child Welfare Information Gateway (previously National Adoption Information Clearinghouse) as stating, “A child’s risk of being molested by his or her relatives’ heterosexual partner is over one hundred times greater than by someone who might be identifiable as being homosexual.” The study also found that of 269 cases of child sex abuse, only two offenders where found to be gay or lesbian. A Indiana University study found in all cases of molestation involving a heterosexual-identified perpetrator violence was used on the victims while no violence was used with gay perpetrators.

    A University of Colorado study found:

    98% of the boys in the study were molested by heterosexuals. Of that number, 75% were molested by heterosexual males KNOWN TO THE VICTIMS in an incestuous scenario.

    0.05% of the girls in the study were molested by a lesbian.

    “Suggests that homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia may be mutually exclusive and that the adult heterosexual male constitutes a greater risk to the underage child than does the adult homosexual male.”

  • TANK

    Something tells me that she hasn’t been ****** in a long time, if ever. And who do you suggest for the job, lance? Because I can tell you it’s gonna cost plenty.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Smokey Martini:


    I may be banned from posting on this site, but I sure as heck don’t have to put up with hatred, bigotry and homophobia in my reading material.

    Or, have I been banned from reading this site as well? LOL

  • Alexa

    @walt zipprian: If you leave because Queerty can’t monitor this site 24/7, then HDL and his ilk win. Report his posts and then ignore him. If nobody engages him it won’t be fun for him any more.

    As for Rep Foxx, if there is a God, I imagine she’s watching and will take care of her when the time comes, along with all the others who spread hate instead of love.

  • neil

    @Charles J. Mueller: Disappear please we don’t need your bullying around here.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I was annoyed when she defended that Roger Clemens never used steroids by comparing to two photos of him. She is so STUPID regarding Matthew Shepard.

    No wonder the GOP is losing members left and right. Let’s call her DUMB & DUMBER.



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  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Charles J. Mueller: There you are. I was wondering where you’d gone.

  • Dennis

    Who knew that “HeteroDefenseLeague” actually had a mother?! And that she actually “out-cunts” Carrie Prejean? Now, that’s quite an accomplishment!!! (Bet he looks just like her too…)

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Hey there, soul brother. How goes it? Well, I hope?

  • BobP

    I hope someone had the balls to respond to her and call her out on her hateful lie. Maybe she and Matthew’s mother should be on Larry King and then she could say it to his mothers face.

  • Kieren

    HeteroDefenseLeague is gay. I slept with him once. It was terrible. Shame he couldn’t put a little more into sex (or his personal hygiene) than he does on here.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Charles J. Mueller: It goes. My poor foot has been very mean to me for the last week or so, but other than that, this ship is holding steady. Hope all is well on your end.

  • Dr. Pednatic

    @ Paul — I just called, and all three of her voicemail boxes are full. Hopefully of messages telling her she’s an ignorant bitch.

  • atdleft

    @walt zipprian: Yep. This is as disgusting as “Focus on the Family” posthumously smearing Matthew Shepard as some “sleazy male prostitute” who somehow “deserved to die for his sins”. Poor Judy that she has to hear ugly bigots like Jimmy Dobson and Virginia Foxx trash her dead son like this.

  • atdleft

    @andy: Keith Olbermann just did a good job on MSNBC. I just hope more in the MSM do so as well.

  • Dennis

    Yes, Olbermann was (as usual) well spoken, passionate and caaling her out in the best way possible. Where is the “Recall this Bitch” petition? I will sign it, pronto!

  • Dennis C

    Virginia Foxx has a doctorate in education degree and was a college professor and administrator. She knows that she is lying.
    Michelle Bachman is just an idiot. Shame on you Congresswoman Foxx, you are a demagogue.

  • getreal

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Kiss my Christian ass. We don’t need any help from homophobes like you.You sad crazy loser.

  • Dennis

    Aren’t you proud of your mama getting all this attention? She’s quite a beauty, and so well spoken and well informed too. Lying about the circumstances of Matthew Shepard’s brutal death, with Matthew’s mother sitting right there in the audience…Oh, kind-hearted hetersexual Christians impress me so much.

    You all have so much tolerance and compassion to be proud of, wish I could be more like you…MAGGOTS!

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    Herek is a junk science advocate

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    I spend all my time thinking about having sex with men the only thing that helps is coming to this website and arguing with them. I need a boyfriend.

  • Jake


    you will be a happier person if you accept who you are and come out of the closet. You will also be surprised at how many people will support you.

    I mean, I wont…. but some people will. Just admit it… you like the dong, dont you? Yeah, I thought so.

  • Nate

    This might be the saddest post I’ve ever read through on here. Not the material but the comments. Wow. Just wow. We live in an ugly time in regards to our predicament, and we have got to find a way to present our truths without hatred, and without an opportunity for debate. Where is our MLK Jr.? drat.

  • getreal

    @Jake: That is the funniest post of the day. You should get a crown or something.

  • getreal

    @Nate: People try to calmly dialogue with that guy for over a week he is only interested in demonizing LGBT people and will sink to any depth to do that.

  • Jake


    How about a nice rum based drink (or two) and an evening with Neil Patrick Harris? His BF can come too, but he needs to stay out of the way…

  • getreal

    @Jake: LOL If I had that to offer believe me i would be keeping it to myself. It will have to be a crown!

  • Bekah

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Honey I hate to inform you that using big words doesn’t impress anyone, and doesn’t mean that you have any idea of what your speaking about. Also being gay is not a rarity, its over 10% of the population. That is actually a pretty large demographic. I am not sure where you are getting your statistics from, but even taking into account the percentage of gay males versus straight males, straight men still have a higher likelihood of being pedophiles. Coming from a straight female who was sexually abused by her uncle I find it offensive, uniformed and completely tactless to not take into account rape statistics, such as 1 in 4 girls being raped by the time they are 18 (and lets see in order for it to be rape it has to be by a male, and obviously if they are raping females they are straight)and even more girls being sexually molested, and to sit and state your opinion about something you could never relate to. You are completely uninformed and uneducated, using big words does not make you right, it only means that you can memorize the lines that someone has told you to repeat to try and prove your point. Think for yourself, you may find it quite refreshing.Regardless murdering someone is wrong….thats that, no matter what their sexual orientation is.

  • rogue dandelion

    she is simply monstrous

  • Professor

    Who is this loathsome wretch? She and her ilk are craven bags of dreck. I hope this story has legs and she is rightfully derided for the mendacious cretin of a Republican her asinine comments show her to be.

  • kademonster

    This proves it. Anyone can get elected to public office these days. Next time they need to pick someone better than the crazy bag lady.


    @vernonvanderbilt: If we should be laughing at him, then he should be funny.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @HYHYBT: If you don’t see the humor, dear, you’re taking yourself too seriously.

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    “10% of the population is homosexuals”?! Lol!!!!!!!!!

    That is a statistic crated out of thin air when the NGLTF took homosexual Kinseys’s study and flat out lied about it.

    For the same reason the military lies about troop strengths and created cardboard tanks to fool the opposition, homosexual bigots lie about their numbers in a power play of lie sand propaganda using Hitlers Big Lie Technique by repeating the lie often enough.

    Cite your source, you hate mongering, heteorphobic bigot!

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: Come on, sugar. Wouldn’t you like 10% of a homosexual in you now and then?

  • alejandro

    this vid was sooo upseting :(

  • Ian

    Did she fall out of the Stupid Tree and hit every branch going down?

    She needs to stop by her “facts checker” prior to going on the floor.

  • Bruno


    You’re right, gays only make up about 1-2% maybe? That 1-2% certainly seems to be doing a great job persecuting the 98-99% of other folks. Amazing, it’s like the El Salvadorean ruling class or that guy pretending to be the Wizard of Oz.

    Have you tried your schtick on Christians with persecution complexes? I think it’d work better than on Queerty. Just sayin’.

  • Johan

    Has anyone considered the following—admittedly slim—possibility?

    Virginia Foxx could suffer from internet forum addiction, and spend all her free time trolling sites just to start flame wars in the comments and forums sections. Her addiction could have gotten so bad that she can now no longer tell the difference between 4chan forums and the floor of the US House of Representatives. We should pity the poor troll.

  • Bekah

    @HeteroDefenseLeague: @HeteroDefenseLeague:

    Wow hon, you are just a little worked up about this. Have you ever seen American Beauty, I am thinking that you may identify with at certain character who kills himself in the end. So often the people who are the cruelest are in fact gay themselves.

    Also recent census data indicates that approximately 5% of people classified themselves as GLBT, however that are only the ones who are living in same sex households, not those who are GLBT and living alone, married etc.also, in addition many people do not define themselves, so that leaves even more people out there that who are not being counted in the statistics.

    Again I am certainly not hateful, nor fearful of heterosexuality, if you paid any attention to what I said I am 100% straight. The only thing you are doing is making yourself look like an idiot. Screaming nastiness to others does not make you point valid, logical or correct. If you want people to listen, then being respectful of others is a must. I am fairly certain the bible teaches judge not lest ye be judged.

  • tristan

    maybe this woman is a quack but shepard didn’t die because he was gay. people put gay victim in the headline and that automatically assumes he died because he was gay? why can’t someone gay die for another reason other than their homosexuality? you can’t take what the murderers say literally. they claim gay panic not because it was gay panic for them, but to make their trial easier. what media ignored was the fact that there were drugs and money involved and that Shepard may have known mckinney and henderson. sure…maybe it was bc he was gay…but it probably had more to do with drugs. it also had less to do with homosexuality and more to do with … how do you say it… simple expectations of male masculinity. whether gay or not.
    you’re all overlooking huge aspects of this case because no one is thinking. you only look at the obvious.

  • chris

    2 things:

    1) Shepherd had meth in his system, this is in the court records and coroner records. He was stated to be hitting on men and asking for money. Yes, it was wrong to take him out and kill him. But I doubt the 2 guys went out looking for a gay person to kill, and Matthew happened to be it.

    This site has all the info, reports, and compilation of news reports on the issue. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2009/04/30/abc-debunks-matthew-shepard-murder-no-hate-crime-msnbc-savages-republ

    2) It is not the federal governments responsibility to give aid during times like Katrina’s. New Orleans and the state has that responsibility…as do the people. It is something our founding fathers stated during the creation of the country.

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