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Rep. Virginia Foxx Leading The House’s Education Committee Is Bad For The Tyler Clementis Out There

Just because Rep. Virginia Foxx, the North Carolina Republican, disagrees with President Obama about education policy (like having the goal of increasing college grads) doesn’t make her unqualified to become leader of the House’s higher education subcommittee. But the former community college president’s vehement denial that, say, Matthew Shepard was the victim of a hate crime might make ya think twice. (Foxx has since changed her mind about Matthew’s death, which had nothing to do with her being raked of the coals by The Gays.)

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    You would thing the details of the absoulute horrific murder and crucifixation of Matthew Sheppard would make his death off limits to even the most demented rightwing lunatic. Yet time and time again they continue to spit on Matt’s grave……

    The most gut wrenching rip your freakin heart out of your chest story I ever read was the nurse in the ER who tended to Matt when he was brought into the ER barely clingning to life after being beaten repeadtly with the butt of a gun and crucified on that fence, left in the frigid cold for hours. She said that upon examining him his entire face was covered with dried blood, dirt, and caked mud. The only flesh visiable on his face was where the trail of tears that ran down his face………….

    Virginia Foxx: You are an absoute vile reprehensive cunt

  • Daez

    Funny how you think people like this actually cave to the pressure of the gay community. They don’t. They have no reason to. Their supporters and the people that voted them into often are often more gay than they are.

    Actually, limiting the number of college graduates is a good thing. If we were actually honest with college students from the beginning and told them that running up $100,000 in debt really is not going to improve their chances to get a job if they major in things like Ancient Greek Theory, they might actually focus on getting a job instead of running up $100,000 in non-repayable debt.

  • Chuck

    The chicken woman is nuts. Tell her to crawl back under her bridge and scare little kids.

  • Sug Night

    Toothless hillbilly woman. Once again, folks, inbreeders never prosper!

  • the crustybastard

    Has North Carolina ever produced a politician that isn’t some ignorant bigoted degenerate?

  • justiceontherocks

    @ the Crusty Bastard – yes – NC produced John Edwards, a slutty, delusional piece of trash degenerate. But he was not ignorant.

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