Rep. Virginia Foxx Tells Judy Shepard She’s, Like, Really Sorry About Being a Hatemonger


Rep. Virginia Foxx, a name unknown to many before she referred to the hate crime element of Matthew Shepard’s death “a hoax,” has been backtracking ever since she uttered those unfortunate comments on the House floor. (And from the way she spit out the words, the statement appeared to be hers alone, and not something she can blame on a staffer’s prepared remarks.) Her peers were aghast; “she should be ashamed,” said Georgia’s Rep. John Lewis. Foxx’s first make-good tactic was blaming the media for her ignorance, something that just doesn’t fly when there’s something called THE GOOGLE. And Matthew’s mom Judy, rightly so, did not accept Foxx’s sorrow, saying she the congresswoman was apologizing for semantics, but not her message. Well, Foxx hopes to change that.

We’re assuming. Rep. Foxx sent Judy a personal apology letter, though nobody’s saying what was actually written. More lip service?

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