Repealing DADT, the Halloween Costume Factor

In countries like Britain, Canada, Malta, and Israel, openly gay members of the armed forces can take part in public events wearing their well-tailored uniforms without facing prosecution or discharge. But in America, if you want to take part in a gay pride parade in full dress, explains Newsweek, you need to grab your outfit from a costume shop. Totally unfair to gay soldiers who want to march down Santa Monica Boulevard in the annual Halloween parade dressed as themselves, and not a slutty version of themselves.

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  • A.G.

    I’m happy for members of the military in Britain, Canada, Malta, and Israel that they have “well-tailored” uniforms. The literally off-the-rack, polyester hanging in the uniform shops of our military’s base and post exchanges is anything but “well-tailored.”

  • Ted B.

    The irony…the troops are in better shape than ever, and their uniforms are recycled potato-sacks. In the days when my father and grandfathers were commissioned-officers in the US Army they had tailor-made uniforms, and received a clothing-allowance for that very purpose.

    Unfortunately nowadays the uniforms worn look like they came from the racks of the local Sears Outlet. Martial sartorial-smartness has been on a downward-arc since the post-WW2 “bus-driver’s” uniform was adopted for the Army and Air Forces. And what idiot decreed that “battle dress” and camies were to be dry-clean-only? That’s only been reversed a few years ago with the new camies worn here and in the Gulf.

    In the old-days, units had some flexibility for their field uniforms and dress uniforms. And Generals and Admirals could just invent something within broad guidelines. Just dig-out a WW2 history book and look at some of Blood-n-Gut’s more outlandish get-ups. Or any picture of a command group of senior general officers, they’re all a little differently-garbed.

  • Alfonzo

    Yeah, that’s kinda sad, especially when you consider all these queens who slap in camouflage and call it “military.” The real military personnel should be able to distinguish themselves.

  • alan brickman

    so unfair…there no need to debate this..gay soldiers rock!!

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